Keith Mallory Holbrook (R-CA)

Keith Mallory Holbrook, Biography from Holbrook For Senate

Biography of Senate Candidate Keith Mallory Holbrook

My name is Keith Mallory Holbrook and I am running for United States Senator for California in 2012.

I was born on July 5th 1974 in Long Beach, California. My Father Hartly, was a construction worker most of my life. My Mother Mary was a homemaker. My Father passed away in 2005 and my Mother in 2007.

Like my Father, I have been a Middle Class, Blue Collar worker the majority of my adult life. I am currently employed as a Senior Chemical Plant Technician; a job I have held since 1999.

I have been through, and I’m currently going through, the same problems as so many Americans are today. I’m a single parent, I’ve been divorced, I’ve filed for bankruptcy, and my education is that of California’s High School Equivalency (GED).

I represent the Middle Class. I want to make the opinions and feelings of the Middle Class heard in Washington, D.C. I am not a career politician, as a matter of fact; I have no political experience at all. Nor am I a wealthy CEO or heir to a family fortune.  I am a concerned American trying to make a difference. I am not interested in being a politician. I’m a leader, and I’m interested in writing legislation that I feel is in the best interest of this country and its citizens.

I am not here to tell people what they want to hear. I am here to tell people what I believe in. I will not make promises that I don’t know I can keep. I would be 1 of 100 Senators. Change can not be made without the support of my fellow legislators. I do promise to write legislation and to vote based on what I believe in.

Finally, I want only one term in office. I want to go to Washington, accomplish what I can in one term, then leave. I am not interested in becoming a career politician.

I am faced with an uphill battle with this bid for office. It takes millions of dollars to run a competitive campaign. I need as many people as possible to not only contribute financially, but to let others know about me and my campaign.

Do you know where you still on the political spectrum? See “Political Beliefs, Where Are You” to find out where you stand.

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  1. dan cooper

    Dear Mr. Holbrook
    Please answer the following Constitutional challenges of Senate Bill SBX211.

    How does SBX211 does not restore due process.
    SBX211 violates Article 1 section 9.
    SBX211 violates the 14th amendment (no equal protections).
    SBX211 violate checks and balances between legislative and judicial powers.
    What will you do about the fact that Judges do not disclose the county payments at the onset of any trial where the county is either a party to the case or has a financial interest. (Judges violate judicial codes of ethics).
    Judges refuse to rescues themselves when requested under CCP170.
    Judges then find themselves unbiased and then file an order striking statement.

    SBX211 is evidence of conspiracy of the California legislative branch of government to cover up the multiple felony’s committed by the judicial branch of government. By an act of Legislation, California’s judicial branch has admitted to be corrupt.


    This bill would provide that no governmental entity, or officer or employee of a governmental entity, shall incur any liability or be subject to prosecution or disciplinary action because of benefits provided to a judge under the official action of a governmental entity prior to the effective date of this bill on the ground that those benefits were not authorized under law.

    If elected will you declare SBX211 to be unconstitutional and repeal SBX211 and bring the courts back to full Constitutional compliances.


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