Sept 20, 2011                                                                            PRESS RELEASE


(San Diego, CA)     Today, the Stahl for Congress Committee announced that starting Oct 3rd, John K. Stahl will host a 1 hour talk show called “Solutions for America.” The show will be on KCEO AM1000 in San Diego and available worldwide on at 1pm PDT.  The show will air on Mondays to start and will be a call-in show focused on discussing common sense solutions for the problems that face America. To listen to the show via the internet, go to the address above and click on the LISTEN LIVE button on the left side.

“I am pleased that we are starting a new show and spending adequate time to address solutions for the serious problems that face our country, “ stated John K. Stahl, a Conservative Republican Candidate for the newly designated CA52 in San Diego.

John is a former Naval Aviator who graduated from the Naval Training Command with the designation of Distinguished Naval Graduate.  He holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.  He started his 30 year career in the semiconductor industry with Texas Instruments and was Vice President of Worldwide Sales for not only TRW/LSI Products but also Raytheon Semiconductor here in San Diego.

“I want the show to have an open discussion each week on a specific topic, listening to solutions and the good ideas of the citizens,” remarked Stahl.

Adding, “Solving these problems that the current crop of career politicians and bureaucrats have created will require not only downsizing government, but also the scope of many departments,” said Stahl.

“On the “Solutions for America” show,” commented Stahl, “We will look for solutions to jobs, the economy, federal spending and throw in a little commentary on issues of the week.”

The Stahl for Congress committee is committed to running an issues oriented campaign that puts focus on common sense solutions to these mounting problems that the status quo seems incapable of addressing.

The Stahl for Congress campaign can be reached at 858 481 5339 and our website is available at Twitter

John K. Stahl (R-CA-52)

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