Akinyemi Agbede (R-FL-Senate)

Akinyemi Agbede Senate Florida

Akinyemi Agbede Biography was requested via email. Below is full copy of texted reply.

My fellow Citizens,

As you can see clearly and distinctively that our great nation is in total jeopardy our economy is getting worse every seconds of the day and I will not fold my arms and let this greatest country of ours turned into a third world country, where unemployment is soaring high everyday and the economy is totally and completely bad.
That is the main reason why I am running, I do not want this greatest country of ours to turn into a Third World Country and I feels that I can make a difference in turning back this greatest Country of ours into its original self of being the greatest Country on earth as was before.


Moreover, one thing we should not forget is that Florida is a leader among the states and as such Citizens of Florida are tired of our government frivolous spending, higher taxes and the stagnant job market.That is why Floridian wants me in Washington, so that I can immediately put an end into all these our suffering,(ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF SUFFERING)and turnaround this greatest Country of ours into its original self of being the greatest Country on earth once again.
Lest-we- Forget that for our country to be great once again a good balanced budget must immediately be put into place that will automatically have lesser taxes, abundant jobs and at the same time create a stable environment for all our citizens across the nation, so that, that beautiful smiling faces of our citizens will once again re-surfaces.

I think people will like to know a little bit about this common man Akinyemi Agbede, who wants to delivered this great country of ours from their deep suffering. Akinyemi Agbede was born 5th of May,1964 in Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa) to the families of Mr. & Mrs. Israel Dada Agbede. He attended Baptist Academy Obanikoro, Lagos Nigeria for his Higher School Certificate and came out with distinction, Studied Mathematics at the University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria. He also attended the Prestigious Redeemed Christian Bible College, Lagos Nigeria and came out also with distinction.

This Super Genius man came to the United States of America in the year 2001 when he won the United States of America Permanent Resident Lottery.However, since being in the United States of America he has tremendiously used his Super Genius brain to the benefits of the American Students especially the Floridian Students by instilling in them Skills, Confidence and Competence in solving any Mathematical problems.

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