Press Release M Clark CT05: Mike Clark responds to Bernier’s “Primary Pledge” Request

Mike Clark (R-CT-5)

Mike Clark responds to Bernier’s “Primary Pledge” Request

January 30, 2012

Mike Clark:  “I have no interest in signing a pledge that takes away the right of the voters to vote for their candidate of choice.  The Republican candidates can ill afford to play games like this with one another when the significant issues of economic stability and job creation require utmost attention and real-world solutions.  My public statements will continue to concentrate on my proven solutions while in public office – something that matters to the voters who will decide the outcome of this race.  The pledge suggestion is particularly offensive coming from the candidate who made pre-convention promises in 2010 that were not kept.  I look forward to meeting my opponents on the issues themselves and continuing a hearty campaign season with that as my focus.”

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