Email Blast from Tom Smith for Senate: “Red Ink”

Tom Smith (R-PA-Senate)

Watch our new ad “Red Ink” (Video)

March 14, 2012



The career politicians in Washington continue to flood our country with red ink.  The Obama-Casey spend now, pay later agenda has seen our national debt grow beyond $15 trillion!


We can’t sustain this spending any longer, and we must act now to preserve the American Dream.  In our latest television commercial I share my plans to get us back on track.


In the United States Senate, I will fight to repeal ObamaCare, cut spending, and I’ll never vote to raise the Obama-Casey debt ceiling.  With your help, we can restore freedoms and return our government to the people.


Senator Casey would like us to believe he’s a “moderate” – but Bob Casey has voted for every liberal big government initiative that’s come his way.  Whether it’s the government takeover of healthcare, the so-called “stimulus,” or massive bailouts – Bob Casey has voted for Barack Obama’s agenda 98% of the time!


This year voters will choose between two very different directions for our future.  Will we continue to grow the size of government under the Obama-Casey agenda, or will we restore the free market values that have made us strong?


Your contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 dollars, will help us elect a conservative President and return the Senate to conservative leadership.


Like you, I worry about the country we will leave behind for our children and grandchildren.  And like you, I believe in the limitless opportunity and promise provided by the principles under which this country was founded.


With your continued support, I know we can make government accountable again and preserve the American Dream.


Your friend,





P.S.  If you can’t donate today, you can still help the campaign by signing up to volunteer or joining a coalition.

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