Michael Panetta (D-DC-”Shadow” Representative)

Mike Panetta (D-DC-Shadow Representative)

Mike Panetta: District of Columbia, Shadow Representative

Mike Panetta Biography from dc.gov

Biography of Mike Panetta

The Honorable Michael “Mike” Panetta is currently serving his second term as the United States Representative for District of Columbia, a position he was first elected to in 2006. Representative Panetta works to bring attention to the District’s lack of voting representation in Congress and limited home rule. Before serving as shadow representative, Panetta had run several high-profile campaigns for DC representation including starting an Olympic curling team for the District and leading efforts to rename RFK Stadium “Taxation Without Representation Field” in 2005. Representative Panetta lives in the Brightwood neighborhood of Washington, DC with his wife and daughter.

Biography from Friends of Mike Panetta

Mike Panetta has been the “Shadow” U.S. Representative for the District of  Columbia since 2007. He has been an effective advocate and leader in the quest for full representation in Congress, and continues to push forward on the drive for statehood.

Mike knows it takes more that flowery speeches and lip-service to achieve our goals. Mike Panetta has a proven track record fighting for representation in Congress and has taken actions that have led to tangible results.

A few of the highlights of his tenure as Shadow Representative include:

  • Generating over 20,000 constituent communications to Congressional offices from grassroots activists across the country  in support of the District of Columbia Voting Rights Act
  • Started the Free and Equal DC Fund, a PAC to elect congressional candidates who support statehood and expanded home rule for the District.
  • Deployed radio campaigns in Montana and Mississippi targeting the Congressmen and Senators attempting to revoke our locally enacted gun laws.
  • Launched “Where’s My Star” campaign to re-brand DC Statehood movement
  • Organized District of Columbia “Olympic” curling team to raise awareness
  • Led efforts to brand the home turf of the Washington Nationals as “Taxation Without Representation Field at RFK”


*** The District of Columbia elects a Member to assume the position of Representative in the United States House and 2 persons to assume the positions of Senator (a Class I and Class II Member.) These persons act as “Shadow” members of congress. They have no rights to vote or represent in either house. They act as a lobbying arm of the District of Columbia for the purpose of Statehood and other legal and financial benefit. In the event of Statehood they would in theory become the Member of the House and 2 Senator from the District of Columbia. Full and Equal Statehood would require amending Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. ***

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