William Capps (R-MD-Senate)

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William Capps


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William Thomas Capps, Jr.

William Capps Senatorial Candidate Maryland


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I have lived my life like the majority of Americans. I get up and go to work and do the best I can to pay the bills and keep a roof over the family’s head. I know what it is like to raise children, with little income and doing what it takes to get by. Call it pride or stubbornness; I have never received welfare in my life, even though there were times when my kids were young that I was making four…teen grand a year. I have learned about life from the school of hard knocks, learning from my mistakes in my younger years and in life. What makes me different from the others? I am the middle class and have seen first hand of the struggles we have had to make. I have observed a lot in the world of politics and have come to my conclusions, as to how we got here and where we need to go.

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