Cesar Cisneros

Bio of Cesar Cisneros Republican Candidate for President

Cesar Cisneros (R-POTUS)

Biography from Cisneros for America

Cesar Cisneros, a native-born Texan, believes in hard work and getting things done NOW! Growing up in a hard working family, Cisneros learned the value of a hard day’s work. Cesar is one of twelve children from Facundo and Quirina Cisneros. His father was born in Mexico and his mother was born in Texas. His family was migrant workers. Cesar is married. He and his wife have 7 children and have several grandchildren. Cesar has been self-employed for over 30 years. Cesar is now a truck driver, drives 48 states. He has driven over 1.3 million miles across America. He and his wife own Cisneros Trucking Company, Inc. Cesar is a Mormon, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As Cesar became more involved in politics, here are the values and principles he garnered:

  • American – Republican – Conservative
  • National Security – Secure the borders by putting more border patrol agents and U.S. military enforcements.
  • Lower income taxes – Change the tax code. Have everyone pay at least 10% tax.
  • Create jobs – I will lower the corporate tax and give incentives to encourage corporation to bring back the factories from China and other nations.
  • Lower fuel prices – We will drill for oil in all 49 states and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Small government – We will eliminate a lot of waste in government jobs.

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