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Steven Reynolds Congressional Candidate Oregon District 1

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(Special Election January 31, 2012, opponents below)

Steven Reynolds (Prog-OR-1)

Biography of Steven Reynolds

Cody joined the military because he believes it’s the duty of Americans to serve in some capacity to better the nation. After his Honorable medical discharge, Cody taught for a year in China because he believes in always broadening his real-world perspective, understanding how Chinas a rising power integrated with the world, and because he wanted to give back, and share his knowledge with others. More recently, he’s been involved with the Occupy Portland movement, and with Big Brothers and Sisters, and with the Move to Amend Portland.

He’s served as a mentor with Big Brothers and Big Sisters because he believes in giving opportunity to those who are underprivileged or otherwise marginalized by not fitting in to society’s strictures.

He’s also been involved with Veterans for Peace, an educational and humanitarian organization of vets dedicated to increasing public awareness of the costs of war, and advocating for the end of arms races and war.

He supports Veterans for Peace because he’s lost many friends in the current wars, including his first roommate at West Point, and he understands the costs of war. He wants to educate the public about why we need to do things differently, and stop rubber-stamping every stampede to send our men and women in harm’s way.

He supports the aims of Occupy Portland because he believes in struggling against economic and social inequality.

He supports Move to Amend Portland because he seeks constitutional change to undo the U.S. Supreme Court’s upholding of corporations as individuals, and its brazenly striking down limits on campaign cash in the Citizens United case.

Cody’s opponent, Suzanne Bonamici, gives lip service to wanting to change the Supreme Court’s ruling, all the while collecting thousands of dollars in campaign cash from corporate interests in big law firms.

The difference is that Cody puts his money where his mouth is. Whether it is in the public service he’s been involved in and the causes he’s supported, from fighting for his country to standing for progressive causes. Whether it is in limiting contributions to his campaign to $50. Cody is the real deal. While his politician opponents claim to represent the 99%, all the while collecting campaign cash from the 1%, Cody Reynolds believes public service should be in the public interest. That’s why Cody has been a life-long fighter for the 99%.

These are the same ideals that led Lt. Dan Choi, who’s fought against the military’s Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell policy, to endorse Cody. Dan Choi knows that Cody is going to fight for the rights and interests of all Americans, and to give all Americans the opportunity and the fair shake that we deserve.

Lt. Dan Choi, like so many others, supports Cody because he knows that in order to provide the opportunity and the fair shake that we deserve, we have to liberate the political system from the corporate money that’s holding Congress hostage, and give the people the voice that for too long we have been denied.

We hope you’ll agree with these ideals and join the Cody for Congress campaign

Links to Special Election Candidate websites and bios:

Speical Election, OR 01: January 31, 2012
*** Suzanne Bonamici was nominated by both the Democrat and Independent Parties and will appear under each on the January Ballot. ***

D-Democratic Party of Oregon
R-Oregon Republican Party
Lib-Libertarian Party of Oregon
Ind-Independent Party of Oregon
Prog-Oregon Progressive Party

OR District: 1

Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR-1)

Rob Cornilles (R-OR-1)

James Foster (Lib-OR-1)

Suzanne Bonamici (Ind-OR-1)

Steven Reynolds (Prog-OR-1)

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