Sept 8, 2011                                                                            PRESS RELEASE


(San Diego, CA)     Today, the Stahl for Congress Committee calls for a jobs program and restoration of national spirit and pride.  We are calling for a “USA OIL 2020” program to wean America off of OPEC oil by the year 2020.  John Kennedy set a national goal “to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade” in the early 60’s and it is time for a renewed effort to regain national spirit, pride and purpose.

“The President will give his speech via teleprompter tomorrow evening, but I think all he will call for is more government spending and a rising debt” commented John K. Stahl, candidate for the California Congressional 52 seat.  “We are sending OPEC $2 billion dollars a day and that does not include the cost to the USA of protecting and ensuring the shipping lanes are open and safe,” added Stahl.  The Stahl for Congress Committee also stated that the ripple effect to the economy with jobs, equipment sales, transportation and tax revenues is a genuine stimulus that offers a huge positive boost to the USA economy year after year.

The Stahl for Congress Committee feels that this program can move forward quickly while maintaining a balance for safety, valid environmental concerns and achievement of the “USA OIL 2020”  program.

“There is no greater real jobs plan that we can start now that will have anything close to the impact that “USA OIL 2020” will have on the economy, USA security and American pride,” added Stahl.

The Stahl for Congress committee is committed to running an issues oriented campaign that puts focus on common sense solutions to these mounting problems that the status quo seems incapable of addressing.

John K. Stahl (R-CA-52)

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