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Dave Wallace


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David Drain “Dave” Wallace, II

Dave Wallace Congressional Candidate Maryland District 8


Biography of Dave Wallace from Friends of Wallace


A small businessman and family man, Dave Wallace understands the issues that average families and small businesses struggle with every day.

With a national debt of $15.3 trillion, the failure of Chris Van Hollen’s ‘super committee’ to act on the debt, an unprecedented economic downgrade by Standard & Poors, and an unemployment rate over 8 percent, our country is facing a crisis of fiscal irresponsibility while businesses are continuing to complain about intrusive regulations.

Dave is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Maryland’s 8th Congressional district, where he will lead the vision of a smaller and constitutionally limited Government, which has a balanced budget and sustains a surplus to pay down our massive debt. Dave realizes it is time an everyday working American steps up to the plate to emphasize an accountable and less burdensome government.

Having lived and worked in all three counties within the 8th District, Dave is closely in touch with the concerns of everyday Americans. Proud husband and father of three, Dave has been married to his wife Barbara for over thirty years. Raised in Carrol County, he played football and wrestled at South Carroll High School. He went on to attended Salisbury University where he majored in Biology. During his college career he worked at many jobs in construction, food service and cabinet making; including working at the Holly Center, a home for the mentally challenged. After graduating from college he worked as a public employee of the National Institutes of Health where he conducted cancer research as a Lab Technician.

Drawing on his experience as a handyman, Dave went on to start his own kitchen wholesale business which he has overseen for the past thirty years. He started his small business, Chesapeake Kitchen Wholesalers, by showing samples which he carried in his car, from one job-site to the next. His employees all live within Carroll County and the 8th district. Unlike his opponent, who has spent his career gaining political favor, Dave has spent his entire career understanding what operating a business means in the real world.

His knowledge of entrepreneurship and real world experience are what we need in Congress. He knows what it takes to manage a business in difficult times. He knows that people are struggling to find work and that citizens are worried about their futures and that of their children.

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