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Eric LaMont Gregory Candidate for Senate from Ohio

Biography of Eric LaMont Gregory

Biography from Eric LaMont Gregory for U.S. Senate Campaign

Eric LaMont Gregory is a native of Middletown, Ohio, and was born into a family dedicated to educational achievement as well as civic responsibility.

Eric LaMont Gregory spent some three years in Israel and the Holy Land during his undergraduate studies.  And, it was this early experience and his understanding of the role of the United States in world affairs that led him into a distinguished international career.

In the 1980’s Eric served as a consultant to the Maternal and Newborn Care Unit of the World Health Organization (WHO) based in Geneva, Switzerland.  From there he went on to the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine, Green College, Oxford University, where he received his Masters degree in 1988.  He served as a clinical physiologist in the care of critically ill preterm babies in the Department of Pediatrics at the world famous John Radcliffe Hospital in England. Eric collaborated in research with other European hospitals and universities in Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey.

He was one of the lead researchers in a global effort by the WHO to reduce neonatal (first 30 days) mortality in the developing world, and this work involved him in studies in the Far East, Central and South Asia, Africa, Europe and throughout the Americas.

Part of his work in international health care led to his development of the innumerate thermometer.  This thermometer reads the temperature of a person by using a color code in addition to the numbers. Gregory realized that there are many people on this planet that do not understand numbers and that the use of traditional thermometers to monitor a newborn baby’s temperature which is crucial to their well being was hampering our ability to teach life saving interventions.  The innumerate thermometer helped address that problem.

As a world-class clinical physiologist, Gregory discovered that in neurological terms our understanding that the core of the human body as including only the head and trunk was too restrictive, and was able to prove that the core of the body extends to just above the knee and elbow.  This new understanding of the human body is just now appearing in medical and physiological textbooks, which will be used to train the next generation of doctors and nurses.  Gregory also clarified the usefulness of knowing not only the core temperature but the pheriferal temperature as well, which makes it rather easy to distinguish between overheating and the development of a fever, for example.

Eric LaMont Gregory is credited with unraveling one of the mysteries of blood flow in subcutaneous fatty tissue during his time at the Department of Dermatology, the Slade and Churchill Hospitals, Oxford University, where he worked under the tutelage of Professor Terence J Ryan.

Eric worked for the National Health Service of England and brings a wealth of experience concerning the intricacies of the British health care delivery system.  He served as an expert in the field of the health effects of air-borne pollutants and solid fuel use for the United Nations Environment Programme head-quartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Eric LaMont Gregory has been the subject of numerous documentaries concerning his research work at Oxford University as well as his work in both medicine, emerging technologies, and post-war and post-disaster reconstruction initiatives.  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documented his efforts in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide crisis.  Eric was involved in the delivery of humanitarian assistance during the Bosnia War.  In 2002 he went on mission to Afghanistan in the early days of that conflict which included discussions in the Presidential Palace while working in association with the Political Section of the American Embassy in London, England.

Eric LaMont Gregory is the author of a soon to be released book entitled – An End to War.

The book contains four lectures Gregory delivered while at Oxford.

The first, An End to War, concerns strategies to end a host of current conflicts as well as the post-war and post-disaster role of the military as a way of addressing the dual dilemmas of post-conflict reconstruction and establishing stability.

The second lecture, China Doll: the nanotechnological bomb, is an introduction to the world of nanotechnology, where one part in a billion can trigger a chemical reaction and the concerns we should all have about its misuse.

The third, Sandy: crisis in Vienna, investigates the dangerous interplay between personal vendettas and international politics.

The fourth lecture.  ‘A Clear and Present Danger’ is about battlefield as well as homeland security.  What would happen if an enemy could render thousands of our troops incapacitated on the battlefield with an addictive agent.  And, how would our civil defense apparatus respond to the deliberate use of an addicitive drug as a weapon against American citizens.

Eric LaMont Gregory is a Republican Party candidate for the US Senate and has chosen as the theme of his campaign ~  faith, personal responsibility, family and enterprise.

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  1. Tammy

    I sent a message to Eric Lamont Gregory about how my children’s father of whom I’ve had a restraining order against for abusing my children and threatening my life and he’s lost custody for it as well. I’ve also had a restraining order against the children’s step mother for her violence and now he has custody of them and I’m not allowed any contact with them whatsoever, because I relocated to help take care of my terminally ill mother in Ohio and I couldn’t afford to fight the system any longer. He was so disturbed by it that he contacted me and met with me personally to tell me he is going to do whatever it takes to stop “abusive” fathers from getting custody over a “good” biological mother. He has my vote!!!


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