Email Blast from Tom Smith for Senate: Zero

Tom Smith (R-PA-Senate)

March 2, 2012



That’s the score “awarded” to Senator Bob Casey by the nation’s leading fiscal watchdog when it comes to his plans to create jobs and restore prosperity.


The Club for Growth, formerly led by our own Senator Pat Toomey, ranked Bob Casey the worst member of the Senate on issues important to economic freedom.


“Bob Casey has voted for every big-government bill that’s come his way, whether it’s the bank bailout, ObamaCare, or Obama’s failed stimulus.” – Club for Growth 2/29/12


It should come as no surprise, as Senator Casey has consistently served as a rubber stamp for the Obama big government agenda – supporting the administration’s policies 98% of the time!


Friends – if we are to right this ship and return our country to the free market principles that have made us great, we must change course now.


But I need your help to fight back against the Obama-Casey spend, tax, and borrow policies that have mortgaged our children’s future.

I will fight to return our government to the people and restore the free market principles on which our nation was founded. With your help, we will repeal Obamacare, end the reckless spending, and reduce our massive debt.


But defeating a career politician like Bob Casey won’t be easy. President Obama, liberal special interests, and big government activists know that Pennsylvania is the key to the 2012 election, and will spare no expense to protect a reliably liberal vote in Senator Casey.


We need your help to provide pro-growth conservatives like Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Ron Jonson, and Rand Paul the allies they need to defeat the big government agenda.


I’ve enjoyed the limitless opportunity offered by this great country and have been blessed to live the American Dream. I am running for the United States Senate to preserve that dream for future generations. With your help, I know we will prevail.


Thank you for all that you do.


Your friend,


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