Email Blast V Robinson NC08: Oops Please call talk shows today!

Vernon Robinson (R-NC-8)

Feb. 16, 2012

The gas sale is today at 11 AM. The last email has the right day

Thursday and the wrong date. The correct date is February 16th, TODAY.

So please call the talk shows and come by Bisco, NC if you are close

by. The talk show info is as follows:

Please help us spread the word for folks to come and fill up their

tanks. (One car per family, no commercial vehicles please.) We need

your help in calling radio stations and your local media and letting

them know about the event. Be sure to tell them that Congressional

candidate Vernon Robinson will be personally pumping the gas himself.

We’re asking for your help to call:

Vince Coakley at WBT Radio Show (Charlotte): 704-374-3600

Bob and Sheri Radio Show (Charlotte): 888-262-7437

Rush Radio Morning Show (Greensboro/Raleigh): 919-878-1500

Brad & Britt Morning Show (Burlington): 336-584-0126

Jeffrey at 1390AM WJRM Radio (Montgomery County): 910-576-1616

To see Vernon’s press release with all the facts, click here



If you want to come, be sure to be there on time at 11 AM — because

we expect a large number of people.

Sorry again for the confusion. I’ll be getting headquarters a calendar

with bigger numbers on it.


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