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David W. Dodt, Sr. (R-OH-Senate)

Email Blast Dodt OH Senate:



I’m a Navy veteran and am a life member of three veteran’s organizations, The VFW, American Legion and AMVETS. I believe in having a strong military and protecting veteran’s benefits. Every time these quislings in Congress cut the Defense Departments budgets, events take place and our citizen soldiers find them selves in harms way. Do these people in Washington ever learn from history? Also I don’t want to see cuts in veteran’s benefits. The Democrats also did that to the Vietnam Vets when they finally came home.

Right now the greatest threat to world peace is China. Yes. I know were all concerned about the Middle East.  Every time we buy a product made in China a percentage of that sale is sent to their military. Because of us and other countries around the world, the Chinese have been buying fighter planes, tanks, bombers, missile firing cruisers, destroyers, an aircraft carrier and subs. What will they do with millions of men under arms? China has no enemies.

So what are the Democrats thinking of doing? Well of course, we must cut our stealth fighter program. Wait, does China have a stealth fighter program? YES it does and we consumers paid for it. On top of the GE is upgrading the electronic systems of the entire Chinese Air Force. We paid for that too. This gives the Chinese a military edge that could affect our allies and the American sailors and Marines that travel the Pacific.

The next problem we face is that China has been buying, the very quiet, Russian KILO submarines. They have more subs today than Germany had in WW-2. Yes, they have anti-ship, sub firing missiles. They also have nuclear subs. You will not find this information on any other candidate’s website. Even the news on TV isn’t discussing this yet. I guess I’m the only person to show an interest in subjects that might adversely affect this country.


The Middle East is a next disaster waiting to happen. Look, CARTER cut the legs out from under the Shaw of Iran. We ended up with a bunch of turban headed religious fanatics in charge of that country. Now, these crazies have been working at getting nuclear weapons. Say President CARTER, the Shaw is looking better and better.

As bad as that is, OBAMA has done CARTER one better. He cut the legs out from under two national leaders, Presidents Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi of Libya. Granted, these were not nice people, but they kept their foot on the neck of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, they are no military threat to any neighboring countries. SOMETIMES BAD PEOPLE, CAN DO GOOD THINGS. Now the Muslim Brotherhood is becoming a dominate force in the area. These crazies say they want to sacrifice a million martyrs to the retaking of Jerusalem. Now, this is the interesting point, Obama wants to sell M-1 Tanks to Egypt. The only use they would have to Egypt is to be used in an attack on Israel.

If elected to the Senate I will never support this kind of sale, of any military equipment, that in any way could be used against us or any of our allies.


On our economy, I do believe in the FLAT TAX. This was proposed by Steve Forbes back in the 1980’s. Over 20 Countries are using this system and they are prospering. It was stated; that if the Continental Congress has started using our present Graduated Income Tax System right after the Constitution was ratified, we would have the same economic standing as Bangladesh. There is a discussion about something called the FAIR TAX. It’s some kind of national sales tax. I’m still looking at this. But if enacted this tax should never go above 3%. Anything larger than that would be a burden on the poor. Small banks are over capitalized because Congress wanted to punish or correct mistakes made by the large financial institutions. Small banks are the engine of small business. This engine has stopped or reduced loans and this is hurting the national economy. Remove the small banks from these Congressional rules and the economy will begin rebuilding. To rebuild the middle class have no income tax on hourly union or non-union overtime. Yes, only tax them on 40 hours for the next 5 years. This would replace the saving that has been depleted over these last few years.


Social Security payments should be Tax Free, the same way a ROTH –IRA is. That and if a senior works they should not be penalized for doing so. To save Social Security without cutting benefits or forcing higher taxes on workers, have every departments, agencies and programs that took money from the Social Security System put those monies back. Take 5% of their federal budget until it’s all returned. This is the least painful way of making the Social Security System solvent.


Have the people that are responsible for the nation’s recent economic collapse prosecuted for Profiteering During A Time Of War. That makes sense, but what happened? They got bonuses. We have had economic scandals before and people have gone to jail. But it’s more like Bill Clinton all over again. Some guy swindles people out of millions and then skips without repaying investors or paying millions in taxes. His wife gives a big check to the Clinton re-election committee. So what happens? President Clinton gives the husband, who skipped the country, a pardon. Is Obama getting some financial assistance from these people?


I am a Life member of the NRA and North American Hunt Club. I’m also a member of the Maumee Valley Gun Collectors Association. Your Second Amendment Rights will be protected when I’m elected to the U.S. Senate. If you hold a Concealed Carry License you should be able to go any ware in this country without being bothered.


I also believe Life begins at conception. I am an anti-abortionist and will not support abortion. Yes, I know that my will may not prevail. But if I can help with legislation and reduce this disgraceful practice, I will. This killing of the unborn is and always will be a blight on our national character.


The Obama Care is a disaster in progress. An Irish Parliamentarian stated that 40% of their national budget goes to their Nation Health Insurance. Can you imagine that here? There would be no military, education or other agencies. Then there is the corruption that would be involved.  Right now, they can’t stop corruption in the existing MEDICARE System. There would have to be rationing and decisions on who would qualify for care under a National Health Care System. I will not support Obama Care.

I would support Tort Reform and Insurance Companies should be allowed to do business across state lines. Could the states help? Yes, by evaluating the options and recommending the best plan, based on a families income. This would keep the Federal Government out of it.


The Democrats held both houses of Congress and still couldn’t come up with a Federal Budget. I know that politicians get elected telling people that they can do things for them. They seldom say no to anything. It effects their election, or re-election and of course, campaign contributions. The fact that the Congress can’t face this problem is shown in the polls by the displeasure of the American Voter. These elected officials are scared to death. Going home to their state or district after cutting programs is not going to be a happy moment. Some have already said they won’t run for re-election.


Have you noticed the price of crude oil and energy lately? It goes up or down based on the performance of the New York Stock Exchange. It doesn’t seem to be affected by fuel availability, sometimes called market forces.

Obama has his GREEN AGENDA. He hates coal. He and the EPA are closing down coal fired power plants. This raises the costs to home owners; it also puts people out of work and negatively affects the local community’s tax base. In Texas where there are a couple of state of the art coal fired power plants. They meet every standard, set by the EPA. Obama won’t let them start up. So the People of Texas have to import electrical power from outside Texas. This raises the cost of electricity for every household state wide.

The Middle Eastern oil availability, as stated in TV commercials, is not quite true. (A) We get most of our imported oil from Canada. (B) Mexico and Venezuela are the next largest suppliers. We don’t import that much oil from the Middle East. (C) We export Alaskan oil and other stateside oil and oil products overseas. It’s the dirty little secret that no one talks about. What it does, is make our balance of payments look better than they really are. Balance of Payments is what we import minus what we export. This President would never allow the price of oil to drop because he wants to push his Green agenda.

The goal for this administration is to keep fuel prices high so people will by more fuel efficient cars and make their homes more energy efficient. But this allows Obama to control your quality of life, by reducing your economic options.

Candidate for the U.S. Senate David W. Dodt Sr.


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