PRESS RELEASE Stiglich CA01: California GOP Steers Clear of North State Congressional Race


Pete Stiglich (R-CA-1)




DA TE:  March 13, 2012



SUBJECT:  California GOP Steers Clear of North State Congressional Race



In a stunning development, the California GOP decided this past weekend in Burbank not to endorse a candidate in the North State’s 1st Congressional District (CD) race.


According to the GOP website at, “Republican Leaders met in Burbank to consider races from all over the state as part of a two-stage process.  The first stage was at the local County Republican Party level which considered the races prior to the State Party. The State Party then considered the local Party endorsements and voted.”


State Party Chairman, Tom Del Beccaro, declared,


“As the Party prepares to be a vigorous contender in California’s first top two primary, we seek to promote the most competitive candidates in the field this Primary season.”


Declared Republican candidates for the 1st CD seat to be vacated by retiring Congressman Wally Herger include Gregory Cheadle, Colonel Pete Stiglich, Sam Aanestad, Michael Dacquisto and Doug LaMalfa.


The 1st Congressional District encompasses a total of eleven North State counties (full or in part), to include Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Lassen, Plumas, Placer, Nevada, Glenn, Butte, Modoc and Sierra.


Of these eleven counties, only the Shasta and Siskiyou County Republican Central Committees officially endorsed a congressional candidate, State Senator Doug LaMalfa.  The other nine counties, according to sources, chose either not to endorse or had their endorsement rescinded by State Party officials due to irregularities in the endorsement process.


Colonel Pete offered the following thoughts regarding the California GOP’s decision not to endorse,


“The GOP made the right decision to stay out of the 1st Congressional District race.  Given the inability of county Republican Central Committees to rally support behind any one candidate, it’s best the decision be left up to individual voters who will be carefully vetting all the candidates over the next several months.”


The following detailed listing of CRP endorsements can be found at their website


California Republican Party

Official Endorsement Results


United States Senate Endorsement

Elizabeth Emken


Congressional Endorsements

District Candidate

CD 2 Dan Roberts

CD 4 Tom McClintock*

CD 5 Randy Loftin

CD 7 Dan Lungren*

CD 9 Ricky Gill

CD 10 Jeff Denham*

CD 17 Evelyn Li

CD 18 David Chapman

CD 19 Robert Murray

CD 21 David Valadao

CD 22 Devin Nunes*

CD 23 Kevin McCarthy*

CD 25 Buck McKeon*

CD 26 Tony Strickland

CD 27 Jack Orswell

CD 31 Gary Miller*

CD 36 Mary Bono Mack*

CD 39 Ed Royce*

CD 41 John Tavaglione

CD 42 Ken Calvert*

CD 45 John Campbell*

CD 46 Jerry Hayden

CD 47 Gary DeLong

CD 48 Dana Rohrabacher*

CD 49 Darrell Issa*

CD 50 Duncan Hunter*

CD 51 Xanthi Gionis

CD 52 Brian Bilbray*


State Senate Endorsements

District Candidate

SD 1 Ted Gaines*

SD 7 Mark Meuser

SD 11 Harmeet Dhillon

SD 17 Larry Beaman

SD 19 Mike Stoker

SD 21 Steve Knight

SD 23 Bill Emmerson*

SD 25 Gilbert Gonzales

SD 27 Todd Zink

SD 29 Bob Huff*

SD 31 Jeff Miller

SD 35 Charlotte Svolos

SD 37 Mimi Walters*

SD 39 George Plescia


State Assembly Endorsements

District Candidate

AD 3 Dan Logue*

AD 4 John Munn

AD 6 Beth Gaines*

AD 8 Peter Tateishi

AD 10 Peter Mancus

AD 11 Mike Hudson

AD 12 Kristen Olsen*

AD 16 Al Phillips

AD 21 Jack Mobley

AD 25 ArLyne Diamond

AD 26 Connie Conway*

AD 30 Robert Bernosky

AD 31 Geof Lickey

AD 32 Jon McQuiston

AD 33 Tim Donnelly*

AD 34 Shannon Grove*

AD 35 Katcho Achadjian*

AD 40 Mike Morrell*

AD 41 Donna Lowe

AD 42 Brian Nestande*

AD 44 Jeff Gorell*

AD 50 Brad Torgan

AD 55 Curt Hagman*

AD 56 Corky Reynaga Emett

AD 60 Eric Linder

AD 61 William Batey

AD 65 Chris Norby*

AD 68 Don Wagner*

AD 71 Brian Jones*

AD 73 Diane Harkey*

AD 74 Allan Mansoor*

AD 75 Marie Waldron

AD 79 Mary England


*Denotes Incumbent

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