Joe Green – WI (R-OH-2)

Joe Green – WI (R-OH-2)

Joe Green - WI* Republican Party Congressional Candidate Ohio District 2

* denotes Write-In

Biography from Joe Green for Congress Committee

Joe Green was born in Lawrence County, Ohio, went to elementary school in Jackson, attended his first prom in Pike and graduated from high school in Scioto. Other counties he includes in his writings are Brown, Adams, and Clermont, communities he traversed en route to attending college in Cincinnati.

Mr. Green began his career in public policy. He served as an intern in the U.S. Congress, a presidential appointee for the President of the United States, and as a senior policy analyst for a national health care association. He went on to work in the private sector where he went up his career ladder in corporate America at IBM, and today runs a successful management and technical consulting firm, NPRC, Inc.

Mr. Green’s formal education began with Head Start, the pre-Kindergarten government program for economically disadvantaged and at-risk kids. After graduating from Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, Ohio, he embarked on his college education at the University of Cincinnati. He went on to get a Bachelor’s from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., earned a Masters in Public Administration, and did post-graduate work at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mr. Green has residence in Piketon, Ohio and is married with one daughter.

From the

“My reason for running for Congress is simple: Southern Ohio has been on an economic downward spiral for over 20 years and I see little vision to change course. Since 2002 a net 60+ employers have left the counties comprising OH-02, and the number of unemployed has risen from 28,672 in 2001 to 68,507 in 2010. The current Congressional representation has not sponsored a single bill since 2005 affecting jobs, health care, education, or agriculture, and as of October 2011 sponsored only one bill for funding research on bedbugs (see

Southern Ohio deserves better – our very future depends on it! I grew up in Southern Ohio and like many had to leave to find work. As your Congressman, I will energetically advocate the following 3-Point Plan so future generations will not have to leave and can build their careers, their lives, here in Southern Ohio.

1. Attract Professional and Technical Services (P&T) Jobs to Southern Ohio

Commitment to energetically work toward:
Establish regional development plans for business parks and designated green areas in OH-02.
Promote tax incentives for P&T businesses to locate in OH-02.
Collaborate with educators to align local workforce skills with P&T employer needs.


The Professional and Technical Services have been among the fastest job growth industries in the US for over a decade. From 1990-2008 computer services and management/technical consulting services saw a dramatic increase in employment of 254% and 231%, respectively. These jobs are higher paying on average and can be performed anywhere there is high-speed Internet access.

2. Support Training and Employment in Trades

Commitment to energetically work toward:
Facilitate workforce, business, and education collaboration on programs in OH-02 that train and employ persons in trades.
Procure government financial assistance for new trade programs in OH-02.
Replicate successful trade programs throughout OH-02.


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11, lists trade jobs, including electricians, welding, soldering, HVAC, etc., as having strong future demand, above average wages, and do not require college training. Southern Ohio workforce, businesses, and educators are well positioned to launch successful training and employment programs in trades.

3. Protect U.S. Manufacturing Jobs from China’s Unfair Trade Practices

Commitment to energetically work toward:
Remove China as a US most favored-nation-trading-partner.
Aggressively defend US intellectual property rights from Chinese piracy.
Significantly lower taxes/regulations on products manufactured in the US.


The U.S. has lost over six million jobs in manufacturing since 1979. Article I of the Constitution mandates Congress to regulate commerce and protect America’s intellectual property rights. The US trade deficit in manufactured goods with China grew from $6.2B in 1989 to $365B in 2010, and China’s piracy of US intellectual property is estimated to cost America at least $48 billion in 2009 and up to 2.1 million new jobs.

Education Info

Grad School:

University of the District of Columbia

Public Administration


The George Washington University

Political Science

Tel Aviv Uni.


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