Brian Matthews (R-TX-25)

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Brian Matthews (R-TX-25)

Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews Congressional Candidate Ohio District 25


Biography of Brian Matthews is copied from Brian Matthews for Congress.


“I’m Brian Matthews and I’m running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the newly formed Texas Congressional District 25.

My wife and I moved our family to the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas over seven years ago. We came to experience and live out our family’s dreams in a place where there was the Freedom of boundless opportunity for my small business, where we could worship and speak openly about our shared Faith and our children could be raised and educated as we, their Family, saw fit.

We love Texas! We love the things Texans value like hard work, an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s labor, fiscal responsibility, Family closeness, Faith-based community and love for a country that lives Free.

Over two years ago, we were blessed to adopt three beautiful children from Ethiopia. Their lives are very different here due in no small measure to the fact that they have been embraced by the Texas Family and have experienced the love Texans so naturally and Freely give.

Texas is truly the place to which most of America looks as the successful example of how to do things well. Unfortunately, our federal government has its greedy and over-reaching eyes on us. The folks in Washington want to infringe on Texan’s rights and Texan’s values and impose their ideology on us. They will do this through over-regulation and over-taxation. We cannot allow them to diminish or destroy our ruggedly Free individualism or our Free-market creativity and exceptionalism that has defined Texas throughout its history.

I would be honored to represent this amazing part of Central Texas we call “home” in the United States House of Representatives.

I will courageously persevere to fight for all Texans and our shared values of Faith, Family and Freedom!”

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