Dale Virgil Blanchard (D-OH-14)

Dale Virgil Blanchard (D-OH-14)

Dale Virgil Blanchard Congressional Candidate Ohio District 14

Biography of Dale Virgil Blanchard from Dale Blanchard For ConGress Committee

Dale Blanchard is an Accountant. A 17 year resident of Solon, Ohio, Dale and his wife Jacquelyn, a Cleveland Municipal School teacher, moved to Solon from Twinsburg, Ohio in 1990. All together, Dale and Jacquelyn have lived in what is today the 14th Congressional District [Between living in Solon and Twinsburg] 24 years. They have 3 children. Two of their children are adults and graduates of Solon High School. One is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and employed as an Accountant. One is a college student with aspirations of becoming a teacher. The youngest of their children is a freshman at Solon High School.

Dale Blanchard was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended both Cleveland Public and Catholic Schools and Graduated in 1975 from John Adams High School. He then attended Cleveland State University and earned a BBA Degree in Accounting in 1979. During his studies at Cleveland State, Dale Blanchard learn a great deal about Economics, Finance, Federal Monetary Policy and Business Decision Making. Dale Blanchard passed the CPA examination in 1984 and became certified in 1985.

Dale Blanchard worked for the CPA firm of Watson Rice & Company once out of college but has spent most of his career with the Illinois Department of Revenue as a Tax Auditor and an Audit Supervisor. During his professional career, Dale Blanchard has observed how Federal Budget, Tax and Monetary policy effect American business and the American Economy.

As early as his teenage years during the early 1970’s, Dale Blanchard was motivated to want to support actions that would lead to more people living more prosperous lives. His chief concern was the plight of the poor. But he was also very concerned that African-Americans lagged behind non African-Americans in per capital and per house hold incomes. Eventually, this lead to his decision to major in Accounting when he attended collage so that he could learn more about business and economics.

While attending Cleveland State University, Dale Blanchard received a well rounded education, especially in Business Administration disciplines. But the subjects that grabbed his interest the most were Economics, Money and Banking and Business Quantitative Analysis classes. In those classes Dale Blanchard excelled and learned about the American Capitalistic System; how government actions can encourage businesses to take actions that will expand the size of the American Economy faster or slower; how Federal Reserve Board policy can help expand the American Economy and help stabilize prices; and how businesses make decisions on setting prices and determining optimum production output levels. Dale Blanchard believes that this knowledge places him or any Business School major student in a far better position to represent Americans in Congress than any Lawyer who lacks Business School training.

But in addition to possessing knowledge of Business and Economics, a good representative in Congress must possess Good Character, Honesty and a Basic Desire to want to Help his Fellow Citizens.

Dale Blanchard is a Born Again, Bible Believing, Son of the Living God. In short, he is a Christian. In addition to what being a Christian is to all Christians, Dale Blanchard’s faith has shaped his character and life’s objectives of wanting to help others.

First, Dale Blanchard has learned that God has an unconditional love for all of us. God wants what is best for all of us, no matter how much we love him or disappoint him. His grace remains with us. Dale Blanchard wants the best for all Americans. Obviously, Dale Blanchard is limited in how he can improve the lives of others, but he does know that the best way to help to improve the lives of as many Americans as possible is to Grow the American Economy faster. When the American Economy grows faster, the Standard of Living of the American People improves. Dale Blanchard wants to improve the Standard of Living of all Americans, whether they agree with him or not; whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents; whether they are Poor, Middle Class or Wealthy; and whether they live in the Rust Belt or in other regions of the country, Dale Blanchard wants to improve their Standard of Living.

Second, Dale Blanchard admires Jesus Christ for his total dedication to the concept of the truth. Dale Blanchard learned that sometimes people will love you for the things that you say and other times they will despise you, even to the point that they will want to kill you. But when Jesus was faced with persecution, he remained dedicated to the truth. Dale Blanchard too will remain dedicated to the truth. Sometimes Dale Blanchard will say things that some people want to hear and sometimes Dale Blanchard will say things that some people may not want to hear, but that they need to hear. So since people need to hear these things, Dale Blanchard will always tell the truth to the best of his ability.

Dale Blanchard wants to be your friend. This does not mean that Dale Blanchard wants to be your buddy, but rather Dale Blanchard wants to be your friend. The difference between a buddy and a friend is that a buddy will tell you things that you want to hear, but a friend will tell you things that you need to hear.

Most successful politicians are successful because they are buddies to a majority of their constituents. They are very good at telling people things that they want to hear, but they fail their constituents by not doing what is in their best interest. Dale Blanchard, however will consistently tell you what you need to hear. And if that means Dale Blanchard will not win an election, so be it! If a candidate is being truthful with the voters, it is up to the voters to support that candidate. If the voters select the buddy who will lie to them by telling them that they can receive rewards without any sacrifice just to get their vote and reject the friend who tells them the truth, then this shows the character of the voters and the voters will receive what they deserve.

Dale Blanchard has good character and has no problem with voters who expect their representatives to have good character. But, Dale Blanchard in return expects voters to exercise good character. When voters exercise good character, they select better representatives. And once Dale Blanchard is elected to office, he will do what is in the best interest of the American People.

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