Larry Youngblood (R-TX-8)

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Larry Youngblood (R-TX-8)

Larry Youngblood Congressional Candidate Texas District 8


Biography from Larry Youngblood for Congress

Larry Youngblood is a fifth generation (1) Texan while residing in Houston area all his life growing up in Alvin before moving to Houston and Cypress. He graduated from Milby High School and earned a BS in Physics from Texas A&M while playing Aggie varsity baseball.  Larry started out as a teacher/coach at St. Thomas HS where he met Marie ( here we are 39+ years later)…and the U of H before beginning a career with an Offshore Exploration Company programming computer economic models.

Subsequently, Larry started his own company to provide to many companies the same financial and economic forecasting services as before.  He sold the company after 20 years entering the blissful world of retirement (?).

Larry enjoyed political debate with his father who was a lifetime precinct chair and others but stayed out of politics ( except for a little thing called Secure Border popped up) until asked to run for the Cypress Fairbanks School Board where spending was out of control and communication severely lacking.  Progress was made on each of these topics while Larry was on the board.

Duty and Patriotism requires activism by individuals at the local, state level, and federal level. The Tea Party is not my enemy…. nor are Conservative Republican clubs – Men’s and Women’s – all being the driving forces necessary to protect us from an irresponsible, overspending and unresponsive government.

Though times were and are tough, CYFAIR never really had to consider teacher layoffs this year with the massive cutbacks in money for the Texas Budget. We had prepared for what was clearly seen coming down the road.  CYFAIR increased the fund balance from $58M to $102M over the last three years. Two years ago, Larry ran for Precinct Chair which created some frustrations with controlling laws after Austin changed the laws disallowing elected officials to work the polls.

Larry is an active member of and has made presentations to the Cherry Tree Republican Club, Cypress Tea Party, Leon County Tea Party, Montgomery County Eagle Forum as well as presentations to the Galveston, Beaumont, Seguin, East Coast, Brazoswood Republican Clubs and Kingwood Tea Party. These presentations were generally on Illegal Immigration related topics, Texas Border Volunteer Activities, the Arizona law, Border agents incarcerated for doing their jobs, and the governments lack of dealing with the financial exigencies/downgrade and other issues in a common sense manner.

Larry’s hobbies include Youngblood YDNA genealogy and history, studying the Constitution, volunteering on the border to help the Border Patrol and singing/playing country music.

(1) though distant cousins Solomon YB and Henderson Cozart got here earlier and now reside under the monument at Goliad.

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