Dennis Anderson (D-IL-14)

Dennis Anderson (D-IL-14)



Dennis Anderson Congressional Candidate Illinois District 14


Biography of Dennis Anderson from Dennis Anderson for Congress


Putting People First

Over the past year the political gridlock in Washington has caused many to lose faith in their representation. After the worse economic crash since 1929, we expected those in Washington to put aside their political differences and work towards a common purpose. The current 13% approval rating of Congress is a clear indication that our current members have been unable to do just that.

What we need is someone who will put people first. Dennis Anderson has a background that shows his dedication to that.


Before retiring in 2010, Dennis Anderson worked for the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center at the University of Loyola in Chicago. As Assistant Director for Research Support, Dennis was critical in locating the resources needed for physicians and laboratory researchers to carry out their life saving work. Prior to his time at Loyola, Dennis Anderson worked for the University of Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. There he managed a program dedicated to investigating the causes of breast cancer.


Prior to his move to Illinois in 1996, Dennis Anderson worked for the Wisconsin Division of Health in Madison. Dennis managed several programs during his time there including the Adult Health Program, the Rural Mammography Program, the Chronic Disease Program, and a program investigating the reasons why certain types of cancers are more prevailent in various demographics.



Dennis Anderson has always possesed a servant’s heart. Something needed in Washington. He currently is on the Board of Directors of the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is on the Board of Directors of the Literacy Volunteers of Lake County. Dennis also is a member of the Gurnee Rotary Club.

Dennis was Graduated with Distinction from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Economics and Political Science. He attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin in Public Administration and at Loyola University Chicago in Theology.
Dennis and Susan, who have been married for 38 years, have lived in Gurnee since 1996.

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