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Gerard Davis (Grn-POTUS)

Biography is from, it was edit to reflect 3rd person.

Gerard Davis is an “unofficial” candidate for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. He is running in the Arizona Green Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.

Mr. Davis is a candidate in the democratic progressive tradition of American politics. He is a populist, progressive, socialist, and green. He has a social democratic and liberal worldview. He believes that an economic safety net, protecting citizens from unemployment, sickness, poverty in old age and other disasters, is necessary if democratic government is to retain popular support.

Although he is a registered member of the Green Party, he is first and foremost a socialist. He is not a wild-eyed revolutionary, with a pistol in my hand, preparing to stage a revolution. He isa grand uncle,  a worker, a scholar, citizen activist, and a would be politician, who would like to help make the world a better place for his nieces, nephews, grand nieces, and grand nephews. He is a social democrat. He is a supporter of social democracy, which is a form of democratic evolutionary reformist socialism. He is a proud member of Social Democrats, USA; it is his political party. Social Democrats, USA is the direct successor to the Socialist Party of America; the party of Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas, Darlington Hoopes, and thousands of people who worked to build the civil rights, labor, and peace movements in this country. It is a political heritage of which he is proud. As a Green, he is prepared to continue these struggles. He is also prepared to take up the struggle of the environmental movement.

The theme of his campaign is sustainability. The three pillars of his campaign are economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability. The goal of his campaign is to build a more dynamic Green Party. As Rosa Clemente, his 2008 vice presidential nominee said, “The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative.”

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