Todd Lee Ritter (D-OR-1)

Todd Lee Ritter Congressional Candidate, Oregon District 1 Special Election (Primary Candidate)

Todd Lee Ritter Biography from Oregon SOS

Update 09 November 2011: ***Unofficial results for primary 632 votes or 0.85 percent. Click here for Results***

Todd Lee Ritter

Democrat (DEM)

Occupation: Independent Internet Textbook Dealer.

Occupational Background: business, managerial.

Educational Background: Andrew Jackson High School, Portland, OR Diploma, 1976. Portland Community College, Portland, OR 1974-1976. Portland State University, Portland, OR BA 1984 General Studies.

Prior Governmental Experience: Andrew Jackson High School,1972-1976, Freshman Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class President.

Lifetime Oregon, second generation. Born in Tigard, Oregon, May, 1958. The first District is literally my home town. I lived in the mid-west briefly in the 1960s. I recognize the unique qualities of Oregon. I understand the need to create livable wage jobs while striking a balance between business development and sustaining our high environmental standards. A new compact is needed between the people and their government. Now, more than ever, we need mature adults managing the nation’s pocketbook in Washington, DC.

My legislative initiatives: Mandate E-Verify nationwide for all U.S. workers. Rename Homeland Security with new title encouraging more local community based citizen involvement. Establish a national standard for parking permits for disabled people. Require 50 state reciprocity for disabled driving placards. Authorize Medicare to allow physicians to conduct billable appointments via e-mail, text message and telephone, instead of requiring office visits (conserves Medicare resources). Increase investment in national volunteer programs like AmeriCorps to encourage most Americans between ages 18-22 years old to participate in national service by 2016. Partisan issues need to be put away. Statesmen-like votes need to be made for the common good, not partisan political gain. Thank you. Todd Ritter.


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