Brian Woodworth (R-IL-2)

Brian Woodworth (R-IL-2)


Brian Woodworth Congressional Candidate Illinois District 2


Biography of Brian Woodworth from Brian Woodworth for Congress


The Fresh Voice for Our Future


Brian Woodworth’s first case as a lawyer was unusual. In 2000, Brian, a rookie lawyer in Flint, Michigan, was approached by a single mother with a $25,000 suit against her. She was living on disability with no other income to support her four-year-old son. No other lawyers in the area would take the case, but Brian did—pro bono. Through his efforts, the case was dismissed. Brian continued his practice there until 2005.


The work ethic that led Brian to take that case was instilled in him by his parents at an early age. They taught him that anything worthwhile—especially working for the good of others—is worth working hard at. Brian also inherited a strong sense of honor from his grandfather, who served in the US Army during World War II, and from his uncle, who served with the Army in Vietnam. Woodworth has carried these beliefs through his career as a lawyer and as a professor at Olivet Nazarene University.


Brian Woodworth is not a Washington insider, but he is ready to work as hard in Congress as he did for a single mother in Michigan, in factories to pay his way through college, and for his students at Olivet Nazarene University. Woodworth has always taken pride in his work, driven by the sense of honor he inherited from his parents.


In Brian’s own words, “[T]he greatest work anyone can engage in is work that is not self-interested, but rather is done on the behalf of others. . . . [T]he selflessness of giving one’s time and labor in order to create opportunities for others and to better the lives of others is the greatest work a person can do.”


In Congress, Brian will do all he can for the good of other people. This includes working towards affordable health care, balancing the nation’s budget, creating jobs, and aiding small businesses—even if that means a smaller role for the government. Brian Woodworth is a fresh voice for our future, committed to working to restore integrity, accountability, and fiscal responsibility to our nation’s government.

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