Glenn Morton (R-MD-5)

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Glenn Morton


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Glenn Troy Morton

Glenn Morton Congressional Candidate Maryland District 5


Biography of Glenn Morton from Glenn Morton For Congress

  • Republican Candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Maryland
  • Born in Washington D.C. and lived most of his life in D.C. and Prince Georges County.
  • Black American – raised by an intelligent single mother with a strong work ethic; worked his own way out of poverty to live the American dream. Happy husband and father with 2 children and 2 step-children!
  • US Army Sergeant, Operation Desert Storm Veteran, honorably discharged.
  • Small business owner.
  • Healthcare industry expert, health insurance broker.
  • Author of the book “Passing Obamacare,” which not only makes fun of President Obama, Sarah Palin, George Bush, and others, but contains a solution to our healthcare crisis reducing premiums by thousands per family per year, and increases access to care. Don’t only listen to people who are self-interested; visit Occupy Obamacare for details.

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