Scott Beason (R-AL-6)

Scott Beason (R-AL-6)

Scott Beason Congressional Candidate Alabama District 6

Biography of Scott Beason from Scott Beason for Congress

Scott Beason has been a conservative champion in the legislature for over a decade. First elected as a State Representative in 1998 by beating an incumbent, Scott was consistently recognized as the most conservative member of the House. In 2006, Scott was elected to the 17th District of the Alabama State Senate by beating a 32 year incumbent. As a State Senator, Scott continues to stand up for conservative principles and conservative ideals often being the only Senator standing up against reckless spending.

Scott is a member of the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee and the Alabama Republican Executive Committee. He also serves on the Alabama Senate Finance and Taxation Education, Governmental Affairs, Job Creation and Economic Development, Local Legislation (No. 2) and Rules committees.

As an Alabama State Representative, Scott established a clear conservative track record, even being one of the few to have the courage to buck the establishment within his own party by opposing Amendment One, which would have been the largest tax increase in state history had it been enacted.

Scott was the leading author of the most comprehensive Illegal Immigration law in the United States in 2011.

As a State Senator, here are some of the key bills Scott sponsored:

  • to protect Alabamians from Obamacare – SB-233
  • to allow the people to vote to make ALL gambling in Alabama illegal
  • to require the Alabama Driver’s license exam to be given in English only
  • to return property appraisals to every 4 years instead of annually
  • to mandate that Jefferson County hire a County Manager
  • to protect the rights of the unborn
  • to remove the state tax on groceries without raising other taxes
  • that would require English as the official language of Alabama
  • to ban tax payer subsidized benefits for same-sex couples
  • to prohibit felons from voting

Scott has also been a leader in fighting political corruption which enabled the arrest and conviction of the key players in the Alabama bingo scandal. Scott also single-handedly prevented taxes on Jefferson County residents to be raised in 2011.

Scott and his wife, Lori, and their three children; Keller, Merritt, and McCalan, are members of Gardendale’s First Baptist Church.

Biography of Scott Beason from Alabama State Senate

Senator Scott Beason is serving his second term in the Alabama Senate. He was elected to two consecutive terms in the Alabama House of Representatives. Senator Beason received a Degree in Geology from the University of Alabama He is a successful businessman and owner of Custom Renovators and Old South Construction. The Senator and his wife Lori, and their three children, Keller, Merritt and McCalan are members of Gardendale’s First Baptist Church.

He is a member of the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee and the Alabama Republican Executive Committee in addition to the Senate Committees that he serves.

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