Tim Day (R-TX-14)

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Tim Day (R-TX-14)

Timothy Terrel “Tim” Day

Tim Day Congressional Candidate Texas District 14


Biography of Tim Day for Congress was received by email.

Tim Day, is an American
Businessman, Filmmaker and a BOI,
“Born On Galveston Island.” Tim was born to
“Ms. Lisa Gail Day”
who was only 14 years old
in the year our great United States of America
had it’s 200th Year Birthday on March 28, 1976.
Making Tim and all other Americans born in 1976,
“a Bicentennial Baby.”

along with his two sisters Laquisha(9-7-1977) &
Tanz Day(5-2-1979 to 5-2-2010) was mainly raised by
Grandma Lola Mae & Uncle Ervon Day who has always stayed no more than 2 blocks away,
while Ms. Day worked (most of the time two jobs) to provide for her children. Ms. Day had a fourth and last child, a baby girl named “Bobbie.” Her nickname “Pooh,” was given to her by her big brother Tim who 11 years old at the time of her birth.

Tim’s Father

Tim was around 9 years old when he meet his father
(Lionel “Daddy Yo” Tisino) for the first time.
But it would be another 4 years before Tim came around his father side of the his family. This is when Tim was taught about his Native & Spanish American heritage. The time Tim had to share & know his father Mr. Tisino was short but plentiful in other ways.
Mr. Tisino, past away at the age of 46 years old in November of 2002.
Being Half Baptist & Half Catholic

For the first 12 years of Tim life he grow up Baptist on his mother side of his family. At 13 years old Tim took membership of the catholic religion at his father’s family church “Holy Rosary Catholic Church”
which is 8 blocks from Tim’s residents.

Tim, is in walking distance(4 blocks) from where he was baptized & still a member at the “Greater Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church!”
Tim’s Work History

In 1999 at the age of 22 years old,
Tim developed an “economical development plan,”
to revitalize 46 City blocks on the “North Side”
of Galveston Island.

Now at the age of 35 years old, this single father has retired after 12 years in business & 7 years in film making to Run for Ron Paul’s(Rep.TX 14th) retired seat in
the United States of America Congress.

Tim, has supported Dr. Ron Paul ever since meeting him around 7 years ago.

Tim, is the candidate with the most first-hand knowledge and working experience with our very diverse citizenship, occupations and resources in our Great 14th Congressional District.

In May of 1999, was the Grand Opening of his first business “Island Shop Etc.” Tim has went on to have huge success on the Island & National, by opening a number of different Businesses & Annual Events.

Stitch House 2002


Bar B Que on tha Beach 2003


Big Time Dreamer Studios 2004


Expanded Mind Films 2004


Tim Day Marketing Group 2006


Annual International Best of Both Worlds Hair Show, Beauty & Health Expo
(President’s Day & Labor Day Sunday) 2007


The G.I.
“The #1 Business & Event Guide to the Island” 2008


Annual Galveston Island BIKE FEST
(entire month of August) 2010

Annual Texas Music Fest
(entire month of August) 2010


La Chaise Private Event Lounge 2010

Twisted Ink Tattoos


In 2010, Tim help co-founded the
501 (c)3 Non-Profit.
See site for all other founders www.greenhousefoundation.com
(the Foundation don’t have nothing to do with Tim Day campaign or any other politically campaigns)

By mid 2008, the flag ship of his companies
Tim Day Marketing Group, had become the leading force behind guerrilla marketing in Galveston County.
With the creation of mobile & walking billboards. in addition to print advertising hand guides, TDMG has set itself apart from mainstream advertising publications.

TDMG, has worked with industry professionals teams of P. Diddy, Russell Simmons, Magic Johnson, Kanye West, Rick Ross, A.I. and others in organizing, marketing and promoting some of the nation’s largest events.
Events including
*Bayou Classic ’05
*Essence Festival
*Memorial Weekend in Miami
*All-Star Weekend in Houston

has brought the same enthusiasm and professionalism to helping grow Galveston County businesses. Now he wants to take his business talents to
Washington D.C.

Tim Day
has realize that his District needs him more now.
He’s taking the idea of simple business 101 to D.C.
+Fiscal Responsibility
+Limited Government
+Limited Government control over the Free Market
+States’ Rights Preserved
+Individual Rights & Liberty Preserved

Please support the Best for Texas 14th District…
For Ron Paul’s open seat (R TX 14th District)

…”I’m a Statesman, NOT a Career Politician!

3 terms “

-Friends of TIM DAY FOR U.S. CONGRESS 2012!
“The NEW Taxpayer’s Best Friend!”

Please DONATE whatever you can.

or By Mailing to:
Tim Day For U.S. Congress
P.O. Box 3311
Galveston Island, TX 77552


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