Sean Stipe (Lib-OH-9)

Sean Stipe (Lib-OH-9)

Sean P. Stipe

Sean Stipe Libertarian Congressional Candidate Ohio District 9

Biography of Sean Stipe from Sean Stipe For Ohio

“I was born in Elyria, Ohio in 1972 and became the first of five sons to my proud parents, Steve and Maureen Stipe. They both were raised in Lorain and Sheffield Lake, which are part of the 9th District. I still have strong family ties there.

I am part of a large Irish Catholic family that lives primarily from Toledo to Lorain. All generations still gather throughout the year. I am very proud of my family being the bedrock of who I am today.

My childhood was spent in Amherst Ohio. As I attended college and moved on with my adult life, I understood how important the community and the schools are to raising proud, confident and moral adults.

I have 9 years of a Catholic and 3 years of public schooling. After being accepted at several colleges, I attended Kent State for one year before finishing my studies at Ohio University in 1995.

A person is not the job they have.  In my case, I love what I do, so it’s not a job. My college studies were the business and technical side of visual arts. This includes film, theater, television, radio and music. As a freelance technical artist, I have had the pleasure of working for most of Northern Ohio’s theaters; several feature films; running concert clubs and special events; live shows department at Cedar Point; working as a photographer and graphic designer; and most rewarding was teaching my skills to students at Baldwin Wallace College and Amherst High School.

I have been blessed with opportunities to live or work in cities across the 9th District. I have also been politically involved during that time as an active citizen.

Currently I am the Director of Operations at Stipe Painting, a growing family company that employed 49 people last year. I am still working as a freelance artist.

I have run for office twice in the past. In 2008 I ran for the Ohio House in order to learn the legislative process first-hand. The first year the Libertarian Party in Ohio had ballot access, 2009, I ran a very successful race for Council at Large in the city of Lorain. I received a vote from 29% of the voters in a city that is strongly democratic.

I started working for the Libertarian Party of Ohio over a year ago. I started in the communications division leadership and spent time filling in as I.T. director. Currently my position is Deputy Field Development Director where we are quickly developing at the county level. In just a short time we received over 1 million votes in one November election and currently have the first 4 Libertarians in elected office.

My passion is in the political process and that is evident daily as I read while CSPAN is playing in the background. I love spending time enjoying the great beaches that we share. I spent entire childhood summers at Bay Point in Marblehead. Being Irish, I still can not get a tan.”

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