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David Alameel Congressional Candidate Texas District 33


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Biography from David Alameel For Congress.

Dr. David Alameel is a family man, a self-starter, and a patriot. He is a leader in both the business community and international and local outreach efforts. His life mirrors the American dream and is a testimonial to the greatness of our nation; a nation of opportunity and freedom where anybody can learn, work hard and become a success story.

Dr. Alameel is a self-made successful businessman; he started his career as a minimum wage worker in gas stations and as a laborer in the fields of California before joining the military. From 1974 to 1977, Dr. Alameel served as a Pharmacy Specialist in the US Army at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Upon his honorable discharge, he was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding and Exemplary Performance of Duties.

During his military service, Dr. Alameel also attended full time college and in 1977 started attending dental school at the University of Texas Health Science. He graduated in 1981 as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He moved to Dallas and started a “Practice Management Company”. He built his company into a 50+ million dollar a year healthcare group with a large network of dental centers called Jefferson Dental Clinics. He has many other investments during these years which also included media & production studio, horse racing license and financial trading.

Dr. Alameel is Catholic and has been a devoted parishioner of St Rita Catholic Church for almost three decades. He and his wife Martha have been married for almost 40 years. They have two adult children, Mark and Nadya. Dr. Alameel believes in family and compassion.

Dr. Alameel’s impressive career provided him with extensive and diversified life experiences including teaching, equipment repairs, gas station attendance, migrant farm work, oil rigs work, sales, military service, pharmacy specialist, dentistry, building his various family businesses, and proprietary financial trading.

Dr. Alameel semi-retired in 2010; he has undergone cancer treatment and he has since remained cancer free. He currently oversees his family business development that is mostly run by his children.

Dr. Alameel became very concerned about the direction of our economy and the obvious deterioration of the economic well-being of the middle class. Since he has also been a political activist for over 25 years, he decided to do something about it. Already, he has been worked very hard on numerous community outreach efforts promoting better education, healthcare, immigration and foreign policy. Dr. Alameel has testified before Congress and has travelled and met with members of both parties for the last 25 years to work on these civic issues.

Dr. Alameel has served on various civic boards and commissions, including the City of Dallas adjustment board and the Greater Dallas Area Asian American Chamber of Commerce and the American Lebanese League as Chairman. He was honored and recognized by President Bill Clinton and awarded the “Centennial Award” on the millennium eve of 1999.

Dr. Alameel is a founding member of the Hispanic Endowed Scholarship Program “Open Doors” at the prestigious Ursuline Academy in Dallas. This program offers full scholarships for young gifted Hispanic female students. He has also founded two charitable endowments funds at the Dallas Catholic Foundations for his family charitable goals.

Dr. Alameel has also spent many years working on Democratic issues and has contributed time and money to this goal. Dr. Alameel prides himself on his ability to work with both political parties on many of these issues for many years. He always places our national interests over partisanship.

Dr. Alameel continues today to be an active supporter of Democratic principles and candidates having created and funded the North Texas Leadership PAC to support democratic candidates around the great State of Texas.

Dr. Alameel is running for congress for one and one reason only: He wants to give back to his community and his country which gave him so much of God’s blessings. He is worried about the direction of our nation and especially mindless gridlock in Washington.

Dr. Alameel believes that it is time for Washington to abandon the dependence on big money from Corporate and Wall Street money; that outdated political ideas and tactics which rely on big money and the blind and mindless obedience to one’s own party is not in our national interest; that it is time for us to put our country first and Dr. Alameel will do just that; that is why he will only take individual donations for his campaign. Dr. Alameel is a man who will be steadfast in his commitment to a government of the people.

Dr. Alameel understands the grave economic and political issues facing our country and is well qualified to tackle them by virtue of his life experiences. As a Democrat, he can help the working family by reinstating those policies that are necessary to restore the American dream. He understands that the solutions are inherently dependent on the empowerment of the working family; a family that is currently being besieged by a Wall Street agenda!

David Alameel humbly asks for your vote and your support.

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