Cathy Johnson Pendleton (D-MD-5)

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Cathy Johnson Pendleton


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Cathy Johnson Pendleton Congressional Candidate Maryland District 5


Biography of Cathy Johnson Pendleton from Friends of Cathy Johnson Pendleton Campaign

Cathy Johnson Pendleton is a native Washingtonian. She went to school in Southeast Washington, D.C. in the 1960s. Upon adverse and difficult circumstances, she was forced to go into a home for children at Junior Village in Southwest, Washington, DC. Later the DC courts ordered her to go into Receiving Home in N.E., Washington, D.C.. Upon leaving Receiving Home, she transferred to Laurel, Maryland at the time they called it, Cedar Knoll Children Center. After leaving a detention center for children, she was sent to a half-way house for girls in Washington, D.C.

She had to move, quit school and get a job as a sales clerk working at a dime-store. She went on her own and worked at odd jobs in kitchens, laundry factories and peeling potatoes for a carryout.

At 16 she went to Washington Tech Institute which is now called University of DC. Later Mrs. Pendleton completed her high school diploma and went on to work for the federal government.

Mrs. Pendleton earned her B.S.S. (Bachelor’s of Special Studies) in Political Science and History, from Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. She started a hobby of writing and formed GAM-JAM Publishing Company for new and upcoming artists who wouldn’t ordinarily become published by the giants in the industry.

What has she accomplished in her years? In 1980 she volunteered for Reagan/Bush Campaign. In 1991 she went to work in the Old Executive Office Building as a volunteer to learn about Hilary Clinton’s healthcare plan. She listened to the radio keeping up with current events for the Clinton-Gore headquarters. Later, she became the supervisor in the Special Correspondence department for Clinton-Gore Transition Team. Also, she worked on John Glenn for President, Ross Perot, Kerry/Edwards political campaigns. Pendleton volunteered for O’Malley/Brown campaign.

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