Press Release D Sebring WI04: Dan Sebring and Mark Neumann Endorse Each Other for Congress and Senate

Dan Sebring (R-WI-4)

Dan Sebring and Mark Neumann Endorse Each Other for Congress and Senate

January 23, 2012

Milwaukee, WI – Today Dan Sebring and Mark Neumann endorsed each other for Congress and U.S. Senate, respectively.

Sebring is the Republican candidate in Congressional District 4 and is the current 2nd Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County – South Branch.

“Mark Neumann is the conservative voice Wisconsin needs in the United States Senate,” Sebring stated. “As I talk to grassroots Republicans across the 4th District, when the topic of the Senate race comes up I hear one thing from the majority of people: we need Mark Neumann in the Senate. We have a debt crisis that threatens to destroy this country, but Mark Neumann has already cut spending and balanced the budget once before. In the 1990s in Congress Mark was one of the principal architects of the balanced budget. We need him in the Senate.”

Mark Neumann added, “Dan Sebring would be a much needed, consistent conservative vote in Congress. He’s tough, principled, and he understands that we need to repeal ObamaCare, cut spending, and cut taxes to turn the economy around. He understands we need a return to Constitutional principles. Gwen Moore has been a reliable vote for larger government and more spending—Dan Sebring would be a reliable vote for smaller government and common sense. Milwaukee and the rest of the 4th District would be well-served by a Congressman Sebring.”

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