Press Release M Clark CT05: Mike Clark Responds to Obama’s Budget Proposal

Mike Clark (R-CT-5)

Mike Clark Responds to Obama’s Budget Proposal

February 14, 2012
“I am disappointed but not surprised that the President’s budget proposal, released today, shows a fourth straight year of deficit over $ 1 trillion.  Out-of-control spending is now clearly the norm in Washington.

This debt outrageously burdens our children and grandchildren.  Common sense dictates that we simply can’t keep spending money we don’t have.  In Congress, I will take a hard look at how taxpayer dollars are spent and eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending.

I have already proven effective in this arena.  After my six-year tenure as the chief elected official in Farmington, Moody’s upgraded the town to AAA status, the highest municipal rating.  While Connecticut, like the nation, barrels towards a deficit, Farmington posted a near-quarter million dollar surplus in FY 2010-2011.

This budget announcement proves that a new direction is critical for the country’s recovery.  Democrats are leading the nation, and our state, in a disastrous direction.  My solutions – proven for economic success – are what we need now to combat further failure from the Democrats.”

–Mike Clark, Congressional Candidate, Connecticut’s Fifth District

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