Ray Bly (R-MD-2)

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Ray Bly 


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Ray Bly Congressional Candidate Maryland District 2


Biography of Ray Bly from Ray Bly for Congress 2012

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I started running for office in 2002, hoping a lawyer, a judge, or one of our politicians with hearing my story of my plight to clear my name would jump in and help. Nobody cares that the County can resort to convicting you of a crime after trying to bully you out of your house.

I run for Congress to wake up America. I see the Republicans lie just like the Democrats. The Republicans are supposed to bring back our Constitution and our rights. But most of which they have been members of their community associations or leaders in their community associations. They are hippocrits.

  1. I would bring back fair trade which means everybody selling stuff in America could buy it wholesale for exactly the same price whether it was trainloads or small quantities. This would bring back all the mom and pop lumber yards, hardware stores, computer and clothing stores, etc.
  2. I would ban community associations and site development plans in every City, County and State in America. I would also ban all these prefix fixes that go after the zoning of the property that limits the useage of the property. If it’s commercial, let it be used for commercial. If it’s residential, let it be used for residential. Let them build what they want without every busy body getting into their life history.
  3. I would toughen the EPA laws so the County, City and States could control the buildings and projects so they do not damage our environment.
  4. I would bring about national healthcare. That would be leased out to the Blue Cross Blue Shields of America or some other insurance provider. Not Obama-care.

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