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Sam Rohrer


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Samuel E. “Sam” Rohrer

Sam Rohrer Senatorial Candidate Pennsylvania


Biography of Sam Rohrer from Rohrer for Senate

A champion of governmental restraint

Throughout his nine terms in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Rohrer distinguished himself as an expert in numerous areas. On finance and economic issues, Rohrer served as a 14-year member of the Appropriations Committee. There he routinely produced alternative state budgets under both Republican and Democrat Governors—budgets proving that fiscally restrained budgets, ones that respected business and the taxpayer not only could be achieved, but also were essential if state government was to remain fiscally solvent.

Rohrer regularly led the opposition to Pennsylvania’s explosive growth of federal spending, regulations and unconstitutional mandates. In 2009 he began leading an effort to invoke the “10th Amendment” as the best challenge to the ever-expanding reach of the federal government in areas ranging from health care to education.

In his ongoing effort to reform state government, he served on the Speaker’s Commission on Government Reform, which brought new levels of transparency and accountability to the state legislature.

In his role as Republican chairman of the House Finance Committee, he argued for strong structural limits on state government taxes and spending, and for true public pension reform.

A leader in the Constitutional movement

As a home-schooling father for over 20 years, Sam led the statewide efforts for positive changes in the Pennsylvania home school law. While a member of the House Education Committee, Sam authored the historic Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarship. To date, some 150,000 Pennsylvania students have been empowered to attend private or enhanced public school programs because of the initiative.

Sam and his family’s love of the outdoors fuels his passion to improve the stewardship of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. While serving as the Republican chairman of the Game and Fisheries Committee, he was an outspoken proponent of commonsense conservation policies that respect private property and protect the rights of tens of thousands of hunters and anglers. Because of his uncompromising support for Second Amendment freedoms, he has earned the consistent backing of sportsmen and gun owners. Rohrer has also served as Chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee.

In November of 2009 Sam formally entered the race for Governor of Pennsylvania as the conservative Republican candidate. Across the state, Sam spoke directly to more than 50,000 people in over 240 settings between February and May. The grassroots responded in unparalleled fashion, producing a network of motivated and invigorated citizens. His commitment to the truth, the defense of freedom and the pursuit of Constitutional government continues.

A freedom fighter for the people of Pennsylvania

From February to November of 2011, Sam Rohrer served as State Director for Americans for Prosperity, the largest grassroots organization in the country dedicated to defending individual freedom and liberty. In his role as State Director, Sam continued to lead in the areas where he worked so diligently in elected office.

The son of a union steelworker, Sam understands and strongly advocates for issues that impact working families. By promoting the role of parents in their children’s education, by opposing tax increases on employees and workers and by crafting landmark legislation to eliminate school property taxes, Sam continues to build broad bipartisan coalitions on a range of important issues.

Sam and his wife Ruth Ann live in Berks County and are the parents of six children and five grandchildren. The Rohrer family considers their commitment to faith and family one of their highest priorities.

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