Rich Ehrbar (Lib-OH-3)

Rich Ehrbar, III (Lib-OH-3)

Richard C. “Rich” Ehrbar, III

Rich Ehrbar Libertarian Congressional Candidate Ohio District 3

Biography of Rich Ehrbar from Richard C. Ehrbar III for 2012 U.S. Congress

OSU Undergrad Eyes Congressional Candidacy in 3rd District

Richard C.Ehrbar III to file petitions once again as Libertarian by December 30th deadline

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State undergraduate Richard C. Ehrbar III plans to file petitions once again to the Franklin County Board of Elections as a Libertarian Party candidate for congress in Ohio’s newly created 3rd District, a spokesman for his campaign said on Tuesday evening.

Ehrbar successfully filed his petitions on the original December 7th filing deadline, but eleventh hour changes made by the state legislature through the passage of HB 369 changed the deadline to December 30th, deeming all Ohio candidates’ previously submitted petitions null and void. The 3rd district boundaries also changed with the passage of the house bill.

Located mostly within the Interstate 270 boundary surrounding Columbus, the new 3rd District is a diverse blend of college campuses, entrepreneurs, and a large inner city population.

After campaigning in around Ohio’s capitol city since October, Ehrbar believes that a libertarian victory is possible. “Democrats and Progressives have distanced themselves from President Obama and are trending towards liberty and peace. With our libertarian base growing everyday; the university campuses in the city seeking peace; and with those on the left avoiding Obama like the plague – what appears to be a sure victory for the democrats is a false illusion. The typical partisan election dynamics will be thrown out come November 2012. Count on it.”

When asked about his platform, Ehrbar replied: “This will be a campaign based on the principles of the US Constitution – peace, liberty, and sound money. I want to bring our troops home from all of our current military interventions. The idea that we need to be the policemen of the world is dangerous and has put our families and fortune at great risk. I’m also going to focus on maximizing individual freedoms and on doing my part to begin to put an end to the constant cycle of crony sellouts that masquerade to Washington DC every election cycle.”

Ehrbar plans to file petitions on or just before December 30th. In the weeks after that, according to Ehrbar “we will unleash our campaign website, a full platform, and continue to hit the streets as we’ve been doing since October. A lot of exciting developments are on their way. Those in the 3rd district liberty movement and those allied should mobilize with the full confidence that they will be represented in 2012.”

Ehrbar for Congress was launched in late August 2011 in attempts to restore Peace, Liberty, and Sound Money to the American people through constitutional governance. Richard C. Ehrbar III is seeking to become the first candidate from the Libertarian Party to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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