Jim Roach (D-FL-14)

Jim Roach Congressional Candidate Florida District 14

Jim Roach Biography from Friends of James Roach

Jim Roach, 59, is a Combat decorated Veteran with International Business experience.

Jim owns a technology and training consulting company in Cape Coral and has held contracts with the U.S. Navy, British Navy, FedEx, and others. He has assisted in writing legislation with the EPA when he worked for General Motors in the Research area. Jim was involved in the GM college program for technicians and worked with colleges around the country to provide skilled workers. Additionally he worked in the energy industry with Carolina Power and Light and understands the need to update our power grid and move to cleaner sources of electricity.

No stranger to public speaking, Jim has been a keynote speaker at numerous Pentagon, British Navy and other events and has even been invited to speak on stage with both presidents of Microsoft.

Jim is passionate about protecting our health care reform from special interests, bringing jobs and better education to SW Florida and protecting our ecology.

Find out more about Jim’s plans to energize the economy in SW Florida!

Jim is married to Theresa, a kindergarten teacher in Lee county for 27 years, artist and song writer.

He is also a director of his local chamber of commerce and V.P. of the Matlacha Mariners community service organization.

Jim is connected to the businesses and people of SW Florida.

He served in the U.S. Army as a helicopter doorgunner during the Viet Nam war and was awarded the Army Bronze Star.

Jim Roach fought for you when our country needed him. He is ready to fight for you again in Washington.

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