Tom Cramer (Cst-MS-Senate)

Tom Cramer (Cnst-MS-Senate)


Thomas “Tom” Cramer

Tom Cramer Constitution Party Senatorial Candidate Mississippi

Biography of Tom Cramer from Thomas Cramer for U. S. Senate

Thomas Cramer is a 67 year old retired Navy combat veteran with a lifetime of service to his country including a broad spectrum of service in the defense industry.

Born in St. Augustine, Florida in 1944, Tom grew up between Florida, South Carolina and Massachusetts. While still in High School he joined the Navy Reserves and began serving his country while most kids his age were serving up ice cream sodas and attending sock hops.

In 1963 he transferred to the “Regular” Navy and continued his education through another 20 years of active naval service which included combat service aboard Amphibious Assault vessels, Frigates, Destroyers, Tenders and Mine Sweepers in addition to his shore service with the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center in San Diego, CA and a tour training U.S. Naval and allied services personnel in Instructional techniques and technologies at Instructor Training School at Great Lakes, IL.

During his limited time home Tom found time to form a youth softball league in one community he lived in, manage in youth leagues in others and even organize a casual adult league for Navy families during his time at Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Upon retiring from Naval Service in 1983 he shifted his service to his country into the Defense Industry as a Project Manager, Superintendent and Warranty Engineer for Coastal Drydock in Brooklyn, NY, then as Manager of Gulf Coast operations for United Technologies, Norden Service Co before settling in with Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, MS in 1991 in various capacities including Crew Training, advanced vessel preliminary design and budget analysis support, leaving them in February 2012.

A 20 year resident of Vancleave, MS Tom is well known for his community service. Some of his contributions include Life Member VFW Post 3373 where he served on the house committee for a year, organizing member of the Vancleave Civic Association, Editor and Publisher of the Vancleave Voice for 3 years, Cub Scout Master for nearly 3 years and an active member of the Mississippi Gulf Coast 912 project.

Candidate for the United States Senate

  • Born October 5, 1944 – St. Augustine, FL
  • Resident of Vancleave, Mississippi since 1992.
  • Husband to Helen Cramer for 45 years
  • 2 children, 6 grandchildren
  • Adopted into a Christian family at age 9 and raised between Florida, South Carolina and Massachusetts
  • Joined U.S. Navy Reserves at age 17 Served in leadership positions of increasing responsibility and retired with total of 21 years 5 months honorable and decorated service.
  • 30 years in the defense industry.
    • Project Manager / Superintendent / Warranty Engineer – Coastal Drydock & Repair, Brooklyn, New York
    • Gulf Coast Manager and Master Ordnance Repair Production Manager – United Technologies, Norden Service Company, Mobile, AL & Avondale, LA
    • Crew Training Instructor / Program Management and Budget Analyst – Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, MS.
  • Community leader
    • History of activity with youth development programs
      • Scout Leader
      • Youth sporting activities
    • Founder of community civic association
    • Published community information paper

Political Positions

  • Strong Constitutional and Conservative values
  • Guiding principles
    • Constitution of the United States
    • 10 Commandments
  • States Rights advocate – Federal Government subordinate to States
    • States have right to protect themselves against invasion (Illegal Immigration is invasion – Article I Sections 8, 9 & 10)
    • Senate represents the States in Congress
  • Strong National Defense advocate
  • Opponent of 16th Amendment
    • Support Proportionate taxation such as the 9,9,9 Plan.
  • Proponent of Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Repeal Affordable Healthcare Act (Violation of 14th Amendment)
  • Oppose Indefinite Detainment Act (Violation Art. I section 9, Amendments 4, 5 & 6.)
  • Limit Federal agencies to National Defense, Treasury, Interstate Transportation and Trade regulation (not control), nuclear energy regulatory commission, Persecution and Prosecution of Interstate and international crime including illegal immigration (in cooperation with States)
  • Opponent of United Nations & Agenda 21
  • Pro 2nd Amendment. – Gun ownership is not just a right it’s a responsibility

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