Pavel Goberman (R-OR-1)

Pavel Goberman Congressional Candidate, Oregon District 1 Special Election (Primary Candidate)

Pavel Goberman Biography from Oregon SOS

Update 09 November 2011: ***Unofficial results for primary 1,629 votes or 3.00 percent. Click here for Results***

Pavel Goberman

Republican (REP)

Occupation: Founder/Provider of physical/mental fitness program “Get Energized!” – book, video and exercise classes for governments, businesses and public: may prevent many illnesses, diseases (including cancers) and slow down the aging process. I’m in excellent health. (503)6-GET-FIT

Occupational Background: Author, Publisher, Producer, Speaker, Inventor, Consultant, Advisor, Trainer, Coach, Manager (had an Award), Supervisor, Social Worker, Counselor, Machinist, Mechanic, Welder, Truck Driver, Logger, Firefighter and Beekeeper. I’m a Problem Solver.

Educational Background: Have 27 years of education, BA +Degree (Moscow, Russia). Attended a few universities and colleges in the USA. Linguist/Russian.

Prior Governmental Experience: 2010, Candidate for US Senator; 2008, Candidate for Commissioner of BOLI; Tank Army.
I’m honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and high moral principles. Do not accept any “contributions”.

Stop bribery, corruption and political/media prostitutions. Stop selling this country by the media junta/mafia. Stop buying elections by politicians. “The receiver is bad as the thief”, “Do not put robber to work in a bank”, proverbs.

No one better than me could help/rescue this state and nation.
I promise:
To defend this country from weapons of mass destruction,
Economy: I have a plan to create a few thousands jobs in
Oregon and a few millions jobs in the USA.
Budget: balance it in a few months.
Health Care: to all, cut cost of drugs.
Reduce Taxes: Income and Property.
Car Insurance is a Street Robbery. If no accident
– 50% money back.
Improve traffic on all US HWYs and cities.
Crimes: harder punishment.
Elect US Judges/Attorneys,
Seniors and Veterans: We owe them. Respect them! No
Privatization of SocSec.
Education: Improve discipline and quality.
Teach children to respect parents, teachers and elderly.
Ban on Lobbyists.
Lock up borders to terrorists and criminals.
English must be official language.
OPB must broadcast debates of Candidates.
Help to make peace on the MiddleEast.
Was member AARP, WillamWriters, Elks and NRA.
Vote For Honesty In Government


Oregon Special Election Timeline OR1

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