Thomas Pinkston-Harris (R-MD-3)

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Thomas Pinkston-Harris 


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Thomas E. Pinkston-Harris

Thomas Pinkston-Harris Congressional Candidate Maryland District 3


Biography of Thomas Pinkston-Harris from Pinston-Harris for Congress

Just like Abraham Lincoln, I was born in a log cabin. My grandfather built it with his own hands.

There was no running water or electricity. Our household transportation was a mule and a wagon. We survived by subsistance farming, and raising pigs and pidgeons for food.

We were also hunter-gatherers. So sometime dinner was whatever my grandparents could kill or find.

Sometimes we were able to sublement our income by raising cotton. That was brutal.

I was a prepubescent cotton-picker. It was no fun picking cotton in that Alabama 105 degree heat.

There was no such thing as air conditioning for us. Our only releif was an old fan and lemonade.

This was in little village in the back woods of Alabama, named Ramer.

I’m proud to say I was born on the same land settled by my great great grandparents, Thomas T. and Emily Taylor. That would make me the forth generation born on that homestead.

Counting my daughter and granddaughter,my family has occupied that homestead for seven generations. That’s over 150 years. And we’ve been in this land called America long before that.

My first school was also a little cabin. It only had two rooms. There was no running water or electricity. Instead of bathrooms in the school we had outhouses outside.

Don’t cry for me. I wouldn’t trade my humble beginning with John Sarbanes’ life of privilage for all the tea in China.

Having humble beginnings is character buildings. It gives you that certain perspective that you can only get through hard living. One that John Sarbanes’ can only read about or may have heard about.

I did my undergraduate work at Delaware State University. I did my graduate studies at Coppin State University and The Johns Hopkins University. I studied Economics in the MBA program at Hopkins.

I currently teach Special Education in Baltimore City Schools. I’m also an entreprenuer.

I have a financial services business. Where I market and design financial instruments, including health insurance. This gives me a special insight when evaluating the Democrat’s “Universal Health Proposal”.

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