On March 11th of 2011 we posted a Mission Statement, which is now a page. In it we stated “We will not endorse any candidate, campaign, or group.

As of March 15, 2012 we have stayed true to that statement. At this time, we have NO plans to change that policy. If anyone says that we, as a group or organization, have endorsed them, that simply, is not the case.

The reason:

There are over 1400 or 1500 candidates that will be in state primaries this election year. Those that win will be running in the general election, for all 435 seats in the House and one-third of the 100 seats in the Senate.

Those closest to them see what they are doing and know if they are talking out of both sides of their mouth.

We are supporters of the core principles of the “tea party” movement, we are adults and we understand what is at stake. All we need is information on the candidates and we know what to do.

We are here, unlike the progressives to hear all sides, be it left or right, conservative or liberal, progressive or libertarian. Then to explain why the progressives, big spenders, big government supports are wrong.

Candidates for Federal Office

  1. We will, upon notification, post and/or chain to a candidate’s bio:  information on any groups that have endorsed that candidate.
  2. We will continue to maintain a list of candidates for United States House of Representatives and for the United States Senate. This is for the primary, general election and any run-off elections.
  3. We will continue to maintain a list of candidates for President, which have received some position in primary elections and/or polling.
  4. We will continue to work to have posted, biographies of all those candidates, before their primary.
  5. We will post from any legitimate candidate, press releases and other such information they may supply. Fund raising email blasts or press releases may be excluded if there only intent is such, (funds raised will not, nor if the fund raising is link to a commercial spot that is post-able), and only in rare cases we may edit for profanity or other derogatory statements, which shall be duly noted.
  6. We will post from any legitimate candidate or former candidate’s opinion pieces that are submitted by request or without request. We will only edit, with clear noting as per our mission statement.
  7. We will post the information from all candidates out of respect of the Office they seek and out of respect for the 1st Amendment. We need to know and they have the right to have known, their position.
  8. They may be times when information is supplied by a candidate that differs with the core principles of the “Tea Party” movement. We will defend the principles of small limited government.


Candidates to State or Local Office

  1. We will from time to time post information supplied by local candidates and those running for a state office. At this time, that information must be submitted by the candidate or their staff. Because, we have not listed or solicited information from all the candidates this does not mean that we are endorsing a candidate.

Final Note

We have discussed and may yet send out a questionnaire to candidates that will appear on the November 2012 ballot. Those answers will be posted so that readers may choose for them themselves. Those questions would be slanted toward constitutional issues and the federal role in the economy. With several questions specific to each state.

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