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Robert Butler


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Robert Butler Libertarian Senatorial Candidate Texas


Biography of Robert Butler from Robert Butler

Robert Butler is a proven public relations and marketing professional who has a talent for social media, marketing, sales, and education in both English and Spanish. His talent is connecting people with thoughtful and provocative community interaction and engagement. In addition to his social media skills, he has over 20 years of experience in traditional marketing through printed materials, special events, radio, and television advertising.

Relationship-building and engagement has been at the heart of everything Robert has done in politics, and this can easily translate into excellent customer outreach in any industry. It’s truely a wonder how social media is transforming our world. It’s amazing that can tweet from his bedroom about helicopters buzzing his house as he suddenly discovers he lives next to Osama bin Laden. Or we can follow along with tweeting from Tahrir Square in Egypt while she stands up to a dictator. Robert can bring that same level of immediacy and excitement to your business and its customer relations with engaging social media.

Many people have called Robert a “connector”. He’s constantly meeting new people through his consulting work. When he meets a new person and discovers that they have something in common or need something – he connect them with someone else who can help them.

While most samples of Robert’s work are political, it would be an easy transition for him to promote company or non-profit brands. Robert’s press releases and interviews have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and every major newspaper in Texas and Ohio. Googling “Robert Butler” Libertarian and will get you over 65,000 results. He has an active with over 4,000 friends. He keeps it active by asking provocative, thoughtful, and interesting questions or posting articles that interest his audience. He also manages: , , and has a hand in . He recently started a new personal Twitter profile at to promote a new personal blog. As you can see with my personal blog, he often uses WordPress and Drupal to create and manage simple websites. He’s also active on Linkedin. He has managed the Youtube accounts for the Libertarian Party of Texas, Libertarios of America, and Libby. In some cases, he shot the video himself, shared relevant videos, or contracted with an outside agency. He also contributed to the writing and production of videos by the Foundation for a Free Society. He has worked collaboratively with an advertising and public relations agency to create the Libby Campaign website and Texas Libertarios. He led and managed the creation and branding of these two campaigns from scratch. The Texas Libertarios campaign has now become national with affiliated campaigns running in other states, most successfully in California. He uses Constant Contact and MailChimp to implement email marketing campaigns and has experience using to track leads, sales, and customer service.

Robert has over 15 years of experience managing political organizations, campaigns, and non-profit organizations. He studied campaign management at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. He authored a book, 18 Steps to Win a Local Election. His strengths include: Strategic Marketing and Brand Identity, Social Media Management, Education and Training, Human Resource Management, Volunteer Management (in the hundreds), 100% Bilingual English and Spanish, partially fluent Chinese, Lobbying Public Officials, Community Organizing, Activism, and Political Campaign Management.

Robert has served as Executive Director of two statewide minor political parties (in Texas and Ohio) with over a thousand volunteers. He has raised over $1 million in the last 2 years. Robert has planned conferences, worked with the media, and gathered tens of thousands of signatures for various petitions. H have been responsible for writing all of the press releases, email blasts, social media campaigns, direct mail, newsletters, new member packets, and fund-raising letters. He was also in charge of the overall branding, and communications strategy. He worked for major candidates in both the Republican and Libertarian Parties including former US Senator Connie Mack and US Rep Porter Goss.

In addition to politics, education has been a lifelong profession. He taught English and Spanish as Foreign Languages for six years. He’s certified to teach in Mexico where he lived for five years in the Yucatan peninsula near Cancun. He has served as the President of the PTA in his daughter’s elementary school. As a member of the Rotary Club, he organized an Interact Club at a local high school in Ohio. Interact is the high school version of Rotary and gives students the opportunity to volunteer in the community, learn leadership skills, earn scholarships, and make friends through international exchange programs. He is currently volunteering as the Treasurer of the Foundation for a Free Society.

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