Don Chamberlain (R-AL-7)

Don Chamberlain (R-AL-7)

Donald Norwood “Don” Chamberlain

Don Chamberlain Congressional Candidate Alabama District 7

Biography of Don Chamberlain from Committee to Elect Chamberlain

Don Chamberlain was born and raised in the heart of the 7th Congressional District living in Selma, Alabama. Upon graduation from Albert G. Parrish High School, he attended Livingston University on a football and track scholarship. In his sophomore year, he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps and served his country as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Upon his return from active duty, he attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and received his BS Degree in Marketing.

Since graduation from college, Don has spent a lifetime working in various industrial professions that brought advancing technology products to market. He has traveled around the world helping companies bring state-of-the-art solutions to the United States. His efforts have helped transform processes in the shipbuilding industry, pulp and paper industry, and in power generation.

In 1992, Don apprenticed with Dr. Jack Gilbert, noted inventor who held over 100 patents at that time. It was under Gilbert’s teachings that Don learned how advancing technologies, both historically and in today’s environment, can be applied with government assistance. Gilbert believed there is a huge gulf that separates government “assistance” from government “intervention.” The “Manhattan Project” is probably the most famous example of where assistance, not intervention, by government made the difference in our success in defeating Japan in World War II.

One of Dr. Gilbert’s inventions, “the gas generator” Patent Number 5,427,077, inspired Don to set-up a demonstration with Newt Gingrich. The demonstration to Mr. Gingrich was filmed by Channel 46 News in Atlanta. Don followed this up with a 10-year economic proposal on how applying this technology would create jobs and reduce the federal deficit.

In 1988 and 1989 Don’s work with technology to improve the power generation and automotive aftermarket industries led to his being awarded two U.S. patents on products specific for these two industries. He understands how technology is the key to improving efficiency while conserving energy and protecting our environment.

In conversations with owners of technology companies, Don has learned that many of them are very interested in opening locations in the U.S., but many are too small to make the move on their own. Recognizing that small business is the backbone of the American Economy, Don will use the resources and influence of the U.S. Congressional office to help bring these companies and the jobs they will provide to the 7th Congressional District of Alabama.

Don is concerned about people. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina had devastated the gulf coast region, he realized that Peneda Island residents were being overlooked in the aftermath. Don drove to Selma and told the story of how the residents of this small island had lost everything and needed help desperately. The Selma Times Journal carried his story, front page, and within 48 hours, the people of Selma responded and sent a “truckload” of goods to this tiny island. Even a local car dealership in Selma donated a pick-up truck to the Island’s shrimper, who lost his only means of transportation from the floods created by that devastating hurricane.

Don believes “the good in people” can be found everywhere, as was the case in Selma’s response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. He has a long standing belief in “giving back.”

Don also recognizes that education is the key to long term success in recruiting advance technologies to revitalize the district’s economy with new and invigorating jobs.

Accustomed to working with substantial budgets and coordinating the efforts of multiple responsibilities and people, Don truly understands the value of a dollar. His track record is one of cutting costs, increasing efficiency and improving results. He will bring these skills to use against government inefficiencies and waste.

Don has raised three step sons: Jarred Allen Jackson, Iraq veteran presently serving in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Evan Shane Jackson; and Spencer Chase Jackson, attending Devry University, Kansas City, Missouri, majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. Don has one step-grandson, Cullen Benjamin Jackson.

Education /Service/Civic

Livingston University, 1966 -1968,
Combat Marine, 1st Marine Division, 1968 • Vietnam (Honorable Discharge)
B.S., Marketing, University of Alabama, 1973 Graduate • Tuscaloosa, AL
Territory Manager of the Year Award (presented by Bi-Lok Industries, Rochester, New York, 1988
Successful Projects Award (presented by Worcester Controls, a BTR Company, 1989)
Patents: 4,724,862 (Automatic Drain Valve, 1988); 4,830,056 (Air Quality System, 1989)
Who’s who of American Inventors (Inducted 1989, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Presidential Award, OSTACO Ag, Urdorf, Switzerland, (1997 International Exposition, Frankfurt, Germany)
U.S. Congressional Candidate (Alabama; 1994, 2002)

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