PRESS RELEASE Stiglich CA01: Announcement of Congressman Herger’s Retirement


Pete Stiglich (R-CA-1)

DATE: January 11, 2012

SUBJECT: Announcement of Congressman Herger’s Retirement

Congressman Wally Herger’s retirement and State Senator Doug LaMalfa’s entry into the 1st Congressional District race changes nothing.

Friends of Colonel Pete Stiglich has been expecting this to happen, at least since September 2011.

The Republican Party inner circle realized Wally Herger was becoming a liability and orchestrated this event now in order to ensure Doug LaMalfa assumed the helm and not some ‘political upstart’ like Colonel Pete.

It’s really all about the Republican establishment and special interests holding on to political power and personal gain.

Colonel Pete is a true political outsider.  He’s not one of the good ‘ole boys nor is he a member of the Republican establishment.  He has no paid political consultants, no paid staff, no one writing his speeches or telling him what to think, do or say.  He has no special interests, other than the interests of the American people.

It will be interesting to see if State Senator Doug LaMalfa, as Wally Herger’s handpicked successor, is just another Republican establishment politician looking to advance his own political aspirations, along with those of his party and cohorts.

And finally, we are particularly distressed by the fact that Doug LaMalfa personally told Colonel Pete back in September 2011 that he would not leave his State Senate seat until he completed his term in 2014. LaMalfa, personally, asked for Colonel Pete’s help in stamping out any rumors to the contrary.  Doug LaMalfa said he didn’t want folks thinking he was only using the Senate seat as a stepping stone to higher office.   Appears Senator LaMalfa was not being completely candid.

In the end, the voters of the 1st Congressional District will decide.

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