Email Blast Stahl CA52: Signatures in Lieu – 52nd District

John K Stahl Congressional Candidate CA District 52

John K. Stahl (R-CA-52)


Signatures in Lieu – 52nd District

Email Blast

March 13, 2012



Take a look at the information below from the Office of Voter Registration detailing the

signatures that were obtained after Jan 1 by the various campaigns running in the 52nd

district.  Stahl for Congress got 5 times more than all the other candidates combined

It speaks directly to message, organization and resolve. Leave me OUT of the KPBS debate = nonsense.




Mr. Stahl,


Per your request following is a list of the Candidates who qualified for the 52nd  Congressional District for the June 5, 2012, Primary Election. Not all of the candidates submitted in-lieu signatures.


BILBRAY, Brian -                                                Nom 40

CARSWELL, Gene H. -                     Nom 40, In-Lieu 42

DECOURT-PARK, Shirley -             Nom 40

DOYLE, Jack -                                      Nom 40

IVERSON, Wayne -                          Nom 40, In-Lieu 170

PETERS, Scott -                                  Nom 40, In-Lieu 106

SALDANA, Lori -                                Nom 40, In-Lieu 5

SHEHATA, Ehab T. –                         Nom 40, In-Lieu 144

STAHL,  John K. –                               Nom 40, In-Lieu 2345

SUBKA, John L.                                  Nom 40


If I can be of any further assistance please email me at [email protected] or you can contact me at (858) 505-6646.




Lynnette Rice, EW

Voter Services Division

S. D. County, Registrar of Voters

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