E. Allen Hathcock (R-MS-Senate)

E. Allen Hathcock (R-MS-Senate)


E. Allen Hathcock  Senatorial Candidate Mississippi

Biography of E. Allen Hathcock

Education & Experience: MSG US Army (retired) Vietnam (era vet) Desert Storm (era vet) Iraqi Freedom (vet) and US Army Military Technician (retired); Holmes Community College, AA Data Processing, Mississippi State University BS Banking and Finance, a perpetual student enrolled as Unclassified Graduate Student MSU; After graduation, a series of jobs followed in banking, farm lending, national financial manager, offshore oil field, trucker, carpenter, pulp wood harvester, business owner, social worker, farmer, citizen soldier, MSARNG Technician (Logistics) and USAR Army Technician (Personnel Management).

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  1. Darlene Thomas

    I just researched you today… Just in time to cast my vote for you and change at least one other persons vote… I hope you are successful and remember always.. “we the people”.
    Tea Party
    Covington County MS


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