Kim Morrell (R-TX-36)

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Kim Morrell (R-TX-36)

Kim Morrell Congressional Candidate Texas District 36


Biography of Kim Morrell from Morrell For Congress


Six years ago I accepted my own personal challenge and became a member of the City of Seabrook City Council. As a member I have worked hard for the past six years and am very proud of what I’ve be able to accomplish in my two terms.

In 2006 I was elected to Position #1 at large as a conservative Republican. My platform was to end all lawsuits between the City and The Port Authority of Houston and promote business development, work with Harris County and TX DOT on road improvements and highway expansion, re-zone land areas for commercial and industrial use, revise permitting procedures and become developer friendly. Promote the city in a positive way and bring signature events to improve tourism and hotel occupancy. I was a Pro Economic Development candidate that wanted to improve the overall image of The City of Seabrook.

Along with business and economical development I led the way in preserving our environment. As a coastal city we have beautiful wetlands and a large bird population including pelicans which we have adopted as the unofficial bird of the city. As a result of our agreement with the Port Authority land was set aside for nature trails and natural habitat areas complete with a trail system to connect our parks. Improvements were made i.e. new equipment, bathrooms, docks etc. As a councilman I also passed mitigation, retention and detention pond laws to preserve our habitat sanctuaries and convert existing areas into public properties. New illumination and noise ordinances were passed and the quality of life has improved since my first term.
In 2009 I ran unopposed and was re-elected to my second and final term. I served as Mayor Pro Tem during that time and have worked tirelessly since Hurricane IKE in 2010. Seabrook was the hardest hit and we have had quite a mess to clean up for several years. Now the job is finally finished and I am pleased with the results. We have re-built our residential tax base and have added approximately 200 million in new taxable properties. EDC incentives were made for existing businesses and new development. Our sales tax revenues have increased and our reserves are large. Also during my tenure we have been able to keep our cities’ reserves at the required levels set by our charter and have not raised taxes in my entire time on council.

As my term expires I look forward to using the knowledge and experience I have gathered during my time on city council and putting it to use in Washington. I believe I’ve got what it takes to get the job done. “Accept the Challenge” and vote Kim Morrell for Congress!

City Affiliations

  • Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership, Citizens for Space and the United States Chamber of Commerce
    Traveled to Washington 5 times in the last 6 years to promote the continuation of manned space, full funding for NASA and inform congress the economic impact space has on his or her districts.
  • National League of CitiesParticipated in multiple conference training classes.
  • Bay Area Convention and Visitors Center
    Board Member (2006-current)
  • Texas Municipal League
    Training and Conference
  • Waterfront Conference
    Training & Conference
  • Liaison to the Parks Board

Personal Affiliations

  • Beacon Federal Credit Union
    Board Nominating Committee
  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
    Judging Contest Committee
  • Junior League of Houston
    Annual Charity Ball cast member to raise money for Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Member of Clear Lake Area Republicans


Reducing the Deficit

  • Stop spending money to re-build other countries and concentrate on The United States.
  • Stop lending money to countries that can’t take care of themselves.
  • Create more jobs in America and quit sending industry overseas.
  • Cut spending on federally sponsored programs such as welfare, free healthcare and food stamps.
  • Do not extend unemployment benefits past the normal cycle.
  • Eliminate unneeded departments within the federal government.
  • Lessening our dependency on foreign oil and technology.

Job Creation

  • Start a new industrial revolution.
  • Fund more community colleges to become trade schools.
  • Rebuild our infrastructure.
  • Educate students in high school about practical skills needed in the work place.
  • Indicate job programs through the state and district, not the federal government.

Economic Development

  • Create empowerment zones.
  • Ease the permitting process.
  • Sales tax incentives.
  • Give no interest loans to cover city’s impact fees.
  • Keep Bond Ratings High.

Military Readiness

  • Reinstate the Draft to the 1972 guidelines.
  • Become the superpower we once were.
  • If you don’t graduate from High School you go immediately into the armed forces.
  • If you go to college or enroll in a trade school and complete all courses you are exempt.
  • Make college funds available to veterans.
  • Regain our military superiority in the air, outer space and on the ground.

Health Care, Medicare and Social Security

  • Keep Medicare and Social Security benefits at current levels.
  • Repeal Obama Care.

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