Missa Eaton (D-PA-3)

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Missa Eaton


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Melissa Ann “Missa” Eaton

Missa Eaton Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania District 3


Biography of Missa Eaton from Missa Eaton for Congress


Missa Eaton has been working in education for more than 15 years, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Penn State Shenango. Earlier in her career, she worked in a wide range of roles including retail and real estate, giving her a well rounded base of experience. Missa grew up in a blue collar family and has spent her career helping students retrain and rebuild their skill sets so they are better equipped to find good paying jobs in a tough economy. Missa’s father worked in a meat packing plant until joining the army and deploying to Vietnam. After serving in Vietnam, he returned home to work as a bus driver and a leader in both his union and local VFW. Missa’s mother worked as a secretary. Her grandparents were farmers and house painters. The examples that Missa’s parents and grandparents set taught her the same work ethic and family values that make Western Pennsylvania strong.

A life-long Democrat, Missa Eaton, 48, lives in Sharon with her husband John. Missa’s daughter, Kalie Trueper, is 25.

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