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Gary G. Miller California District 42

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Biography of Congressman Gary G. Miller

Congressman Gary G. Miller was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1998 to represent California’s 42nd Congressional District. Mr. Miller serves on the House Financial Services Committee, which oversees the United States’ banks, stock exchanges, real estate market and insurance industry, and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which oversees the nation’s highways, railroads, airports and water infrastructure. As a member of these committees and a former business owner, Mr. Miller brings real-world experience to address the transportation, water and housing needs of the 42nd district.

In addition, he is working to reduce the United States’ debt, create a fairer tax system, improve access to healthcare, ensure students receive a quality education, and stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country.

Mr. Miller is chairman of the Building a Better America Caucus, a congressional organization promoting quality growth. He is also a member of the Republican leadership team as assistant whip.

Mr. Miller was born in Arkansas, but grew up in Whittier, California.   In his early twenties, he founded the G. Miller Development Company and met his wife, Cathy. They married in 1972 and raised three sons and one daughter.  As his family grew, so did his business. G. Miller Development expanded from building single family and custom homes to eventually developing planned communities.

In 1982, Mr. Miller was asked to serve on the board of directors of Sonrise Christian School.  His service to the community was expanded in 1988 when he was appointed to the Diamond Bar Municipal Advisory Council.  Upon the incorporation of the City of Diamond Bar in 1989, Gary Miller was elected to its first city council and served as Mayor in 1992.

On May 16, 1995, Mr. Miller was elected to the California State Assembly.  There he served as chairman of the Budget Committee and the Banking and Finance Committee, as well as vice chairman of the Transportation Committee.  His distinguished California State Assembly career is highlighted by 24 bills signed into law, successfully negotiating funding of the first class size reduction program, and a balanced budget that reduced the business tax rate to 1973 levels while maintaining a $310 million reserve.

Biography from Gary Miller for Congress

Congressman Miller strives to bring common sense to Washington—a commodity hard to find in recent years in the halls of Congress and the White House.  But his philosophy is a simple one: Government does more harm than good when it comes to the success of a hardworking American.

Congressman Miller knows firsthand the pain individuals and small business owners face when dealing with a faceless government bureaucracy.  Before serving in Congress and the California State Assembly, Mr. Miller was a small business owner himself.

In his early twenties, Congressman Miller formed G. Miller Development—a homebuilding construction company based in Southern California.  Back then G. Miller Development had two employees—Gary worked on site building one home at a time and his wife, Cathy, took care of the books.

But with hard work and sacrifice by the mid-1990s, G. Miller Development employed more than 200 people and was building master-planned communities.

It was never easy—and the biggest obstacle to his company’s success was government’s heavy hand.  A lesson in government Congressman Miller has never forgotten.

In 1998, Mr. Miller was elected to Congress.  And since then he has worked to limit the size and scope of government, lower taxes, refocus government resources to rebuilding our crumbling roads and infrastructure, and defend our national borders.

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