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Biography of Rob Woodall

Rob Woodall serves in the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of the Seventh Congressional District of Georgia. This is Rob’s first term in office and he serves on the House Committee on Rules and the House Budget Committee.

Born and raised in Georgia, Rob Woodall’s story is one of tireless public service. Rob graduated from Marist School in 1988, attended Furman University for his undergraduate degree and received his law degree from the University of Georgia. While working on energy and health care policy at a Washington, D.C., law firm during the summer of 1994, Rob become frustrated with the infamous Clinton Tax Bill and Hillary Health Care Plan and their potential impact on his family, friends, and neighbors in Georgia. Consumed with a need to do more to defeat these policies, Rob was compelled to begin his public service in Washington as a member of Congressman John Linder’s staff.

While working for Congressman Linder, Rob played an integral role in drafting, introducing and advocating for H.R. 25, The FairTax; a bill that would overhaul the entire United States tax code, starting with abolishing all income taxes and replacing them with one, revenue-neutral consumption tax on all goods and services. What started as a small bipartisan bill has become the most highly co-sponsored and revolutionary tax reform bill in Congress thanks in large part to a nation-wide grassroots. On January 3, 2011 – the first day of the 112th Congress, and his very first day in office – Rob re-introduced H.R. 25 with a record number of original co-sponsors.

Rob’s biggest sense of accomplishment is helping Seventh District families one at a time through casework and creating a Congressional office that functions for the people. Rob’s political philosophy is guided by the principles of freedom, and he is committed to working on behalf of the Seventh District to restore a positive and fiscally responsible path for America.


From crafting legislation on Capitol Hill to promoting freedom to working one-on-one with constituents in order to ensure that their casework is resolved, Rob has committed the last 16 years to fighting for conservative ideals and common-sense government. During his time in working with Congressman John Linder, he has served as Congressman Linder’s lead staff on the Speaker’s Health Care Task Force, the Speaker’s Medicare Task Force, the Speaker’s Tobacco Settlement Task Force, the House Rules Committee, the House Administration Committee and the Elected Leadership Committee.

As Congressman Linder’s Chief of Staff, Rob has made it his priority to create an office that functions for the people. Working from both the Washington Office and the Georgia Office, he has committed to making constituent service the foundation of the Linder Staff, a staff that has assisted over ten thousand constituents one-on-one in the last decade and responded to literally hundreds of thousands of incoming constituent inquiries.

In 1999, Rob began the push for the FairTax with Congressman Linder. He has traveled from coast-to-coast to promote the initiative. In 2005, he assisted Congressman Linder and Neal Boortz in crafting The FairTax Book, and when the duo decided to write the second book, FairTax: The Truth, they enlisted Rob as a partner and co-author, resulting in a second New York Times #1 Bestseller in 2008.

The second of two children, Rob Woodall was born in Athens, GA, while his parents were finishing at the University of Georgia. He attended both public and private grade schools, ultimately graduating from Marist in 1988. Rob attended Furman University where he graduated in 1992, and enrolled in law school at the University of Georgia that same year.

During law school school, Rob spent summers working on energy and health care issues at a Washington, D.C. law firm. During those two summers, 1993 and 1994, the Clinton Tax Bill and Hillary Health Care Plan were the top items on the legislative agenda. Frustrated by these proposals, and consumed with a need to do more to defeat them, Rob dropped out of law school after the summer of 1994 and began his public service in Washington with his hometown U.S. Representative, Congressman John Linder. Rob ultimately finished law school attending at night, graduating with a University of Georgia degree in 1998.

In Linder’s office, he began as a Legislative Correspondent, was soon promoted to Legislative Assistant, then Legislative Director, and in 2000 Rob was named Chief of Staff. Though redistricting in Georgia has frequently changed which citizens he serves, Rob has been in service of the people of Gwinnett County for more than 15 years. He has served the families of Barrow, Newton, and Walton counties for more than nine years and served Forsyth county constituents for more than seven years.

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