Rich Grabowski (R-IL-3)

Rich Grabowski (R-IL-3)


Richard L. “Rich” Grabowski

Rich Grabowski Congressional Candidate Illinois District 3


Biography of Rich Grabowski from Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski


Rich Grabowski is an ordinary citizen from our near southwest Chicago suburb of Hometown in Illinois. He cares deeply about the uncertain economic and social path that entrenched Democrats running our state and federal government have chosen to lead us down. He’s stepping up to the plate for our state, our southland communities and our 3rd congressional district at a time when we are in dire need of good, uncorrupted leadership here at home in Illinois, and in Washington DC and here in Illinois.

He has not held a political office, appointed position, or pensioned government job. He’s not from the ‘politically connected’ class. He’s from the real world working class, a Materials Supervisor at a west suburban manufacturing company. He’s one of us!

He grew up in the Back of the Yards and Brighton Park neighborhoods on Chicago’s south and southwest side, went to St. Augustine grade school, attended De La Salle, graduated St. Joseph HS in Chicago, and attended Moraine Valley Community College.

Rich is a longtime resident of Hometown, with his wife Linda and four boys Timothy, James, Daniel and Samuel. They are members of Immanuel Christian Reformed church in Burbank. He is a constitutional conservative with traditional family values, is Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment. He respects our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He’s concerned with preserving our freedoms, our traditional American way of life, defending the United States Constitution, lowering taxes, fighting wasteful spending, balancing the federal budget, protecting our USA borders, enforcing AND toughening our existing immigration laws currently on the books, and having something left of our country to pass on to our future generations. Philosophically, socially and fiscally, he chooses to be a conservative Republican.

As our Congressman, Rich will be an outstanding advocate for the voice of the ordinary citizen, taxpayer and business of our district. He will fight for common sense legislation aimed at making our government smaller, limited and less intrusive in our lives and communities, fighting wasteful spending, welcoming and promoting new business development in our state again by strengthening and solidifying the conditions for economic growth, bringing businesses and real jobs back to Illinois for good! He is committed to helping bring to our country and state the real reforms and honest government they deserve. Rich will not sell out ‘we the people’, the taxpayers!

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